Well, Now We Know Why So Many Former “Trump Supporters” Developed TDS and Switched to “DeSantis 2024″…


Well, in case you’re wondering why you’re seeing a lot of bib “blue check” Twitter names who once supported Trump (or pretended to), suddenly developing a case of Stage 5 TDS, and pushing hard for a “DeSantis 2024” run, we likely now know why.

A few months ago DeSantis put together a “meet & greet” with some big name online right-wing influencers and media people in an attempt to woe them to his side and get some more support online, as he and the GOP establishment and NeverTurmpers set a plan in motion to destroy Trump and MAGA.

And right on cue, these online “influencers” changed their tune, started bashing President Trump and uplifting DeSantis every chance they got.

Gee, how “organic” and “natural,” right?


Daily Mail covered the story:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been courting conservative influencers at the governor’s mansion as his feud with former President Donald Trump grows.

Politico reported that DeSantis’ team has been reaching out to conservative media and online personalities to get them face-time with the Republican governor.

On January 6, for instance, DeSantis invited social media stars to Tallahassee for a stop at the governor’s office, dinner at the governor’s mansion and drinks at Level 8 Lounge, a popular rooftop bar near the Florida statehouse, Politico said.

The group included Fox News’ Lisa Marie Boothe, Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson, Newsweek opinion editor Josh Hammer, The Rubin Report’s Dave Rubin, New York Post and FoxNews.com columnist Karol Markowicz, Claremont Institute fellow David Reaboi and conservative writers Jordan Schachtel and John Cardillo.

Hammer shared photos of the group surrounding DeSantis at his desk and out at the bar with his press secretary Christina Pushaw.

Everyone DeSantis invited has more than 95,000 Twitter followers – and a number of them, including Rubin and Markowicz, recently relocated to Florida from blue states.

Thanks for dinner, @GovRonDeSantis,’ Rubin remarked. ‘I’m no longer an enemy of the state!’

Rubin moved to Florida from Los Angeles, while Markowicz fled New York.

Pushaw downplayed the guests online notoriety telling Politico those invited ‘have consistently supported the governor’s pro-freedom policies.’

‘Turns out that a governor who stands up for individual rights against federal tyranny is popular among conservatives,’ she added.

Members of the group have become cheerleaders for the Sunshine State, with Reaboi writing a column for Newsweek Monday that Florida had become ‘America’s New Texas,’ giving DeSantis the credit.

We now know, thanks to Laura Loomer, that DeSantis paid the Babylon Bee over 20K dollars to make him “seem” funny. Right after that, they came out and did some really weird and not-at-all funny bit that slammed Trump and propped up DeSantis. Many people thought it looked painfully obvious what was going on.

The question I have no, is are these people also getting paid the big bucks to “support” DeSantis?

I would hope so, because a lot of them are losing their followers and their reputation for Trashing President Trump.


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