Well, We Now Know Exactly What Happened to Trigger Hunter’s Recent “Laptop Meltdown”


Hunter Biden had a recent meltdown over the laptop from hell. Up until now, he’s remained really quiet about it.

He and is father – who lied to the American people and claimed it was “Russian disinformation,” have clammed up when it comes to the disgusting garbage that’s all over that laptop. But then, suddenly, everything changed, and Hunter is not only crying over the laptop, he’s also claiming that it is his, by way of his attorney’s, who are now threatening to sue everyone and their brother.

So, what gives, why the sudden change?

Well, we now know what happened to spark this outburst – Hunter’s scared, and it looks like he and is lawyers are trying to “scare” everyone…and it’s not working.

Western Journal reported that on Thursday, according to Fox News, Mac Isaac and his lawyer, Brian Della Rocca, explained what took place the week before Biden’s round of allegations.

The president’s son was served with legal papers notifying him that Isaac was suing him for defamation, as the New York Post reported,  for “falsely insisting that the laptop was not his, that it had been stolen or that his information had been hacked.”“It was very difficult to find where he was,” Della Rocca told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday.

“You know, he was in D.C. for a couple of weeks and he was moving around. Well, we finally tracked him down and we were able to serve him last week,” he said.

According to the Post, a private investigator found Hunter Biden in Culver City, California, and served him with the papers on Jan. 27.

“And now all of a sudden, we see this,” Della Rocca said, referring to Lowell’s letter to prosecutors.

“He’s trying to intimidate. And it’s interesting to me that this happened when it did,” Della Rocca said.

Isaac’s lawsuit claims he was damaged by Hunter Biden’s refusal to admit the laptop was his.

“As a direct and proximate result of the defamatory statements by HUNTER, [Mac Isaac] has suffered, and continues to suffer, substantial damages, including the loss of his business,” the suit states, according to the Post.

“HUNTER had actual knowledge of the falsity of the claims and understood the high probability that injury or damage would result to [Mac Isaac] and, despite such knowledge, made the false and defamatory statement and has issued no apology to [Mac Isaac] such as would repair that damage.”

Della Rocca told the Post the accusations in Lowell’s letter fit a pattern.

“Hunter’s current actions are desperate attempts to continue to blame everyone else for his own actions,” he said.

“When Hunter signed the work order, he gave authorization to John Paul to access the information on the laptop in order to recover the data. The work order specifically says, ‘[r]ecover data to store server and contact customer when complete.’ He could not recover the data without accessing it,” Della Rocca said.

“The work order clearly explained that if any equipment was left in the shop for more than 90 days, it became abandoned and [Hunter Biden] agreed to hold The Mac Shop harmless for any damages or loss of property. Once the property was abandoned, The Mac Shop became its owner,” Della Rocca said.

Lowell claimed in a statement to the Post that the letters are not an admission that the laptop was owned by Hunter Biden.

Okay, so you’re suing everyone over the laptop, with all Hunter’s personal stuff on it, but now you’re saying, he won’t admit it’s his?

Make this make sense.

I will tell you what, the Bidens are one sleazy, disgusting family. I think they’re right up there with the scumbag Clintons…maybe worse?

What do you think?


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