What a Slap in The Face to Every Tump Voter – DeSantis’ Latest Bizarre Move is Unexplainable…


Is Ron DeSantis trying to take over President Trump’s life? Because things are starting to get really weird. DeSantis started a new “roundtable” show, and he’s calling it “Truth.”

Um, what the heck? And if that wasn’t weird enough his first guest is an “extraordinary” (his words, not mine) lawyer who works for Dominion and is actually suing Mike Lindell and other conservatives. Wow, could there be a bigger slap in the face to President Trump and his voters than that?

I’m sorry, but there’s something seriously wrong with this guy…

Many people have accused DeSantis of trying to take over Trump’s entire persona… and I think they’re right.

Before Trump splashed on the scene, DeSantis was a typical “establishment guy,” and is pick for the 2016 nominee was Marco Rubio, for crying out loud. It was only after it became obvious that Trump was going to win, that DeSantis started reinventing himself… and now, it feels like he’s trying to “become” Trump… right down to the “TRUTH” show, which is really getting into creepy territory.

Here’s what conservative Alex Bruesewitz said about it in a tweet:

“WATCH: DeSantis is currently hosting a roundtable with lawyers. One of the lawyers is named Libby Locke, she represents Dominion Voting Machines against Lindell, Giuliani, & other conservatives. He says Libby is an “extraordinaire at first amendment, defamation law.””


Here’s what people are saying online:

“What’s next, chatting with “freedom-loving” prosecutors who locked up J6 political prisoners? And he actually started a “roundtable” called “TRUTH” DeSantis is literally, trying to take over Trump’s life. This guy’s weird af.”

“Looks like Desantis is Dominion’s next pick.”

“Ron teaming up for an event with Dominion’s attorney”vb


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