What Is Going On With Joe Biden’s Face?


To quote a great caller to the Jim Rome show: “look at his damn face, bro!”

And that was essentially the topic of conversation for today: what is wrong with Joe Biden’s face?

Which is kind of a loaded question because it brings up so much…

Is there an actor wearing a mask?

Wild I know, but it’s become more and more plausible as time has gone on.

Did he get plastic surgery?

Why does he not look anything like the Joe Biden of 10 years ago?

So many questions.

But the newest question isn’t really related to that.

The newest question is: what are those marks on his face?

You can see the marks below, but also: what is going on with this picture?

This looks like an AI-generated image to me.

Doesn’t even look real.

What do you think?

So forgetting about the marks for a second, that does NOT even look like Joe Biden if you ask me.

Here’s another look at the marks:

Another look at the marks:

But really….does this look like Joe Biden to you?

Can anyone tell me why Joe Biden USED to have ear lobes and now doesn’t?

But I’m getting distracted again.

Back to the marks.

Here are four more angles:

Seriously though, don’t these look like they are AI-generated?

I’m calling it right now, that looks exactly like high-end AI.

But back to the lines and marks on his face.

After many questions, the truth emerged (or the truth was claimed to be) that Joe Biden wears a CPAP machine at night and it’s now leaving marks:

Which is pretty hilarious because needing a CPAP means your brain is being deprived of oxygen.

So I guess that sounds accurate!

From CNN:

President Joe Biden has recently begun using a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea, the White House says, after indentations from straps were seen on both sides of his face Wednesday morning.

“Since 2008, the president has disclosed his history with sleep apnea in thorough medical reports. He used a CPAP machine last night, which is common for people with that history,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates said.

An official familiar with the matter said Biden began using the device in recent weeks to improve sleep quality.

Marks could also be seen on the side of Biden’s face during a Monday event at the White House meant to promote an expansion of high-speed internet.

Biden, who, at 80, is the nation’s oldest president, has had a history of sleep apnea in the past.

Medical records released in 2008 indicated Biden had a recurring issue with sleep apnea.

A health record released by Biden’s doctor in 2019 said sleep apnea “has been considered, but his symptoms have improved significantly after his sinus and nasal passage surgeries.”

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. About 30 million people in the United States have sleep apnea, according to the American Medical Association.

A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine “uses mild air pressure to keep breathing airways open while you sleep,” according to the National Institutes of Health

Biden, 80, Now Sleeps With CPAP Breathing Machine

So there you go!

Or….maybe the mask isn’t holding up as well anymore?

Just sayin’….

The Actor Playing Joe Biden Just Revealed His Mask?


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