What Will It Take For You To Finally Admit That We Never Went To The Moon?


Time to discuss something a little off the beaten path, but our mission first and foremost around here is to print the TRUTH.

And there’s been a lot of talk about landing on the Moon recently, so I wanted to discuss it.

Simply put?

I don’t believe we landed men on the moon in 1969-1972.  Not even close.

I mean, just look at that picture up above….it’s laughable!

That’s literally wrapped in aluminum foil and you’re telling me they flew that thing all the way to the moon and then got out in their golf cart dune buggies and tooled around a bit on the surface of the Moon?

Oh, and don’t forget Nixon called them from this phone:

Yes folks, let that sink in for a minute….

Nixon called the Moon, in 1969, from a landline!

Meanwhile, it’s 2024 and I can’t get Wifi to work in my house half the time!

But that’s not the main reason why I am convinced we never landed on the Moon.

Take this for example….

Here is Buzz Aldrin being asked what the Moon smelled like:

So it smelled like a bar-b-que huh Buzz?

And how exactly did you smell that?

From inside your PRESSURIZED Space Suit?

Oh wait, no I bet it was inside the PRESSURIZED Lunar Lander?

Give me a break.

Another lie.

But there’s a lot more and I wanted to show you this video….

Rob Skiba made this, cramming as much as he could into a short 8 minute video.

Listen as NASA themselves tell you we’ve never been to the Moon…

Here are just some of the highlights of notes I took while listening:

NASA admits we “destroyed the technology” to get to the Moon.

In 2017 direct from NASA: “this is the BEGINNING of human beings being able to leave low-Earth orbit.”

“Right now, we can only fly in low-Earth orbit, that’s the farthest we can go.”

NASA now has to deal with the Van Allen Radiation Belts, and they don’t quite have a solution for those yet.  But they flew through them just fine in 1969.  Why? Because they didn’t know about them yet!


Watch here:

Backup here:

I’ve gone into this in great depth before….

So We Never Landed On The Moon?

Love to get your thoughts!


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