Whistleblower Explains How COVID-19 Is a “Military Operation”


Sasha Latypova, a former executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization, spoke with The Epoch Times about the U.S. military’s involvement in the creation and response to COVID-19.

In the interview, Latypova said COVID-19 was a “military operation.”

The discussion with Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times isn’t the first time Latypova has revealed this information.

Latypova joined Clayton Morris of Redacted earlier this year to discuss what she found in documents acquired via a Freedom of Information Act request.

According to the claims, the U.S. Department of Defense controlled the COVID-19 program from the very beginning.

“According to newly-obtained documents, the Pentagon used a combination of shady approval authorizations that are still in use, including the PREP Act, the emergency use authorization, and other transaction authority (the OTA), all of which shielded Big Pharma, agencies, medical participants that delivered unregulated vaccines from any liability and protected them,” Morris explained.


Here is a Rumble backup:

Sasha Latypova wrote in her substack, Due Diligence and Art:

All Covid countermeasures, including the biological warfare agents marketed as “Covid-19 vaccines”, were ordered by the US DoD as a “large scale manufacturing demonstration” via Other Transactions Authority contracts.

Hundreds of Covid countermeasures contracts became available via FOIA and SEC disclosures in redacted form. Review of these contracts indicates a high degree of control by the US Government (DoD/BARDA) and specifies the scope of deliverables as “demonstrations” and “prototypes” only. In other words, the US Government and DOD specifically ordered a fake theatrical performance from the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Just to make extra certain that the pharmas are free to conduct the fakery, the contracts include the removal of all liability for the manufacturers and any contractors along the supply and distribution chain under the 2005 PREP Act and related federal legislation.

The contracts are structured under Other Transactions Authority (OTA) – OTA method of contracting allows federal agencies to order otherwise-regulated products bypassing any such regulations, as well as financial accountability mechanisms that cover standard government contracting, and other laws that regulate disclosure and Intellectual Property (IP) derived from publicly funded research.

“Other” is a catchall category that is not a contract, not a research grant, not a procurement, etc.: not any normally regulated/accountable government contracting.

Latypova included a link to a list of “COVID-19-related contracts obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests, Securities & Exchange Commission filings, and HHS reading room files.”

From Knowledge Ecology International (KEI):

Below are links to copies of the contracts entered into by the US government for technologies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. KEI is updating this page as we gain access to more contracts, and less redacted versions. Agreements related to the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC) whose agreements are executed by Advanced Technology International (ATI) are noted with “(via ATI)”.

KEI has also created a US COVID-19 contract spreadsheet to track metadata of the agreements, as well as to compare the terms contained therein for intellectual property rights, data, and other topics. (Note: At this time, this spreadsheet is being continually updated.)

KEI maintains a separate page of US government contracts concerning needle and syringe production related to the COVID-19 response.

The list below contains COVID-19-related contracts obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests, Securities & Exchange Commission filings, and HHS reading room files. The bulk of KEI’s database of contracts, however, was obtained via FOIA requests and lawsuits filed by KEI.

KEI included a link to all U.S. government COVID-19-related contracts obtained via FOIA.

In her recent interview with The Epoch Times, Latypova spoke about the horrific adverse events and deaths caused by the toxic COVID-19 shots.

“The total volume of adverse events and deaths was tens of times higher than [for] all the previous vaccine products combined,” she said, referring to VAERS.

“The government was able to commandeer pharmaceutical companies to produce these non-compliant injectable products and distribute them,” she added.

Latypova explained in the interview that she came out of retirement from the pharmaceutical industry during COVID-19 and became a whistleblower.

From the interview transcript via The Epoch Times:

I became suspicious when the health authorities started an overt campaign against hydroxychloroquine, which I knew was a safe drug because I’m from the industry, and I had familiarity with it. I looked specifically into the issue that they were falsely assigning to it, which is QT prolongation and arrhythmias associated with drug-induced QT prolongation. It happened to be the area of focus of the last company that I had and worked with in pharma.

I knew what they were saying about this drug was absolutely not true. More importantly, the regulators knew perfectly well that they were saying things that were not true. That immediately gave me pause. I started thinking, “They’re professionals, they know this issue, they know this data, yet they’re saying things that are not true.” That led me to start questioning the whole thing. If you catch an official or a professional lying about something straight to the public, what else are they lying about?

That started my whole investigation into it. Also, I was a little bit familiar, not very deeply, but I did come across this mRNA class in the past, in my professional work when these products were in development for other different things, very severe conditions such as cancer. I knew that these products were inherently dangerous, which is not unusual in pharmaceutical research and development. We frequently work on things that are risky and can be toxic, such as chemoagents.

But there is application for all sorts of things and the risk-benefit profile is always a consideration. I knew that these products were inherently dangerous and inherently toxic. They were developed as a cancer product in the past. Yet, all of a sudden, our regulators were all gung-ho saying, “These are going to be prophylactic vaccines. They’re going to be given to children, pregnant women, and everyone, regardless of their health status, age, or risk profile with regard to Covid.” That gave me yet another pause. I became extremely suspicious about this whole situation, and that’s how I started looking into it.

Latypova, who’s originally from Ukraine and grew up in the Soviet Union, was deeply involved in clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies.

“My clients were a variety of pharma companies, large ones and small ones, Pfizer included. Pfizer was also our research and development partner. We were developing technologies that they were interested in, applying it to their clinical trial space to make it more precise data collection, more accurate, and more reliable. We partnered with Pfizer several times. We worked with large companies; GSK, Novartis, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and a variety of small biotechs. I was very familiar with the space,” she explained.

Latypova later explained that authorities ignored the obvious signals the COVID-19 jabs were harming recipients, including the volume of adverse events and deaths in VAERS.

She claimed the so-called ‘vaccines’ were developed under defense contracts and COVID-19 was a “military operation.”

“What we found is the whole representation of what is happening is a lie. Basically, the U.S. government is representing to the public that this is a health event and the response to a health event. But in fact, what they are doing is a military operation. These so-called vaccines, they’re not really vaccines, but these injections have been manufactured under defense contracts, utilizing the Defense Production Act, other transaction authority, and emergency use authorization under a public health emergency. When these things are used together, then good manufacturing practices do not apply to these products at all,” she explained.

Cont. from the transcript:

Clinical investigation is actually not possible for these countermeasures. If clinical investigation is not possible, then you cannot have clinical trials, you cannot have informed consent, you cannot have clinical trial subjects, or clinical trial investigators.

Utilizing the structure of emergency use authorization, public health emergency, other transaction authority, and the Defense Production Act, the government was able to commandeer pharmaceutical companies to produce these non-compliant injectable products and distribute them, calling them a medicine, when in fact, it’s not a medicine.

It’s an act of war. They’re using the Defense Production Act, its machinery, and the United States military. Even internationally, this is being distributed from this military to overseas militaries, not through the pharmaceutical distribution chain. They’re using the military machinery to distribute these non-compliant products, including biologicals, chemicals, and all kinds of ingredients we don’t really understand very well, and then, call it public health and medicine.

Twitter reportedly suspended Latypova’s account earlier this week.

However, it appears her account has returned to the platform.


Watch the full interview at The Epoch Times.


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