Whistleblower From Fani Willis’ Office Drops Bombshell In Georgia Senate Hearing


The much-awaited testimony of a whistleblower from the office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has finally happened, leaving attendees and viewers in shock at the damning firsthand account of political corruption.

Amanda Timpson, a former employee for Willis, told investigators with the U.S. House of Representatives and Georgia Legislature that she was abruptly fired after raising concerns about the office’s diversion of federal grant money intended to establish the Center of Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention. Instead, she told a state committee how that money was spent on travel, computers, and “swag.”

“I’m here today to fight for my reputation, to fight for the youth but also to fight for what’s right,” Amanda Timpson said on Thursday according to Fox 5 Atlanta. The hearing was convened by the Senate Special Committee on Investigations and chaired by Republican state Sen. Bill Cowsert, who has previously invited Willis to testify and said he would subpoena her if necessary.

Timpson claimed her former supervisor was the first to suggest that the money be diverted to items for the office. “In this meeting, this was the first time on what he (Miachel Cuffey) wanted to spend the grant on. He said he wanted to spend it on computers, travel and swag,” Timpson said about Cuffey. She alleged she tried to get the money used by the former DA Paul Howard, but once Willis was elected the winds shifted.

“As I insisted that it is not what we could do that’s when I realized my treatment changed,” Timpson said. “She (Willis) said something like, ‘What’s going on?’ And when I went to speak, she cut me off and she said, ‘Effective immediately you’re going to be removed and demoted.”

After bringing the confrontation before the office’s human resources department, Timpson claimed she was escorted out of the office by armed security personnel.

Willis, who just won her Democratic primary as she seeks reelection, was covered for by Democrats on the committee who accused Timpson of acting as a “Republican political pawn.”

“At this point, it’s becoming frustrating because we are wasting time of senators and Georgians but people all over this country,” one Democratic senator said.

Willis has refused to appear before the committee. “I will not appear to anything that is unlawful, and I have not broken the law,” she said. “I’ve said it amongst these leaders, I’m sorry folks get pissed off that everybody gets treated equally.”

“She said as recently as this morning, nobody is above the law. She is saying this out of one side of her mouth and out the other she is saying ‘I am above the law. I will not comply,” Sen. Cowsert said in response.

Willis remains under investigation by the committee, which has the power to remove a district attorney from office if he or she is considered to have violated their oath of office. Similarly, the U.S. House Oversight Committee, led by Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), is exploring whether Willis abused federal grants or coordinated her prosecution of former President Donald Trump with the White House.


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