WHO COULD SEEN THIS COMING: Kevin McCarthy Outflanks Ron DeSantis on Democrat Corruption and Politicization of Justice System


Speaker Kevin McCarthy threw down the gauntlet on Democrat politicization of the US Justice system.

Over the weekend Kevin McCarthy repeatedly condemned the lawlessness of the NYC DA Alvin Bragg for bringing bogus charges against Donald Trump from an incident in 2016 that has been resolved by the courts a number of times already.

On Sunday Speaker McCarthy OBLITERATED Alvin Bragg and his politicized persecution of President Trump in his latest tweet.

McCarthy pointed out that Bragg initiated new policies as DA that lessened felonies to misdemeanors – but was doing the exact opposite with President Trump.

On Sunday Speaker Kevin McCarthy held a presser and again went off on Alvin Bragg and the Democrat Party politicization of the US justice system.

Now compare McCarthy’s words to what Ron DeSantis said on Monday about the communist left.

DC Draino nails it, “We just got a preview of how DeSantis would fight the regime in 2028 and his response was not only lackluster – He got outflanked to the right by *Kevin McCarthy*”


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