Who’s “They”?


The second most asked question when talking about national political corruption is the question, “who’s they?”   We often hear the opaque term “they”, but no one seems to give accurate context to it, so I will.

However, before getting to that point, allow me to begin with the end in mind.

If you want to know the most important thing you can do to save Our Republic, then first – get right with God.  Get right with the purpose of the mission, before you even think about packing a bag to begin the effort.  You ain’t got to be perfect, far from it, scruffy and messy works well; but you have got to be dead-plumb raw in admitting and accepting your fallible disposition. In many ways this is what “living your best life” is all about.  As eloquently shared:

…”There is nothing more powerful in the universe than being connected and aligned with power of infinite truth, infinite strength, infinite well-being, infinite love, infinite joy, and all the other positive emotional feelings and desires that we humans desire.”

If you want to harness that power for your own life and purpose, get right.

Now, having read the responses to the previous question, it’s obvious we have a lot of new friends here.  As I dive into sharing the details of our current national political construct, a baseline about party politics is needed.

If you think “Republicans” are the solution, then you don’t understand the construct of the ‘Big Club.’

Political parties were created to present you with: (1) a controlled outlet for your focus (pro-tip the Big Club “they” control it); and (2) the illusion of choice.

Now there are some differences between the two political parties – between the two wings of the same DC vulture.

  • The DNC wants power. The RNC wants money.
    • The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC use power to get money.
    • The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. The ideology of the donors drives the RNC ideology.

This is the essential difference in their business models.  This is also how the system works when you think about ‘money’ and raw ‘ideological power’.

Let me give you an example in current culture, around “wokeism“.

The social and cultural ideology of the left-wing is clear; they are pushing ideology.  However, when you look at the right-wing corporate response, notice the focus is on money.  The left is pushing a cultural revolution, the right is seeking to gain money in (a) corporate alignment, or (b) velvet-gloved combat against it.

The leftist ideology advances. Notice there is no ideological pushback against the cultural revolution from congress.  Why?… Money

Democrats know if they want to advance ideology, simply find a mechanism to pay Republicans.  Easy peasy.

♦ Ukraine.  IDEOLOGY: The agenda of the left-wing (Dems) is clear; they are pushing for an expanded totalitarian globalist agenda.  MONEY: The right-wing response to the Ukraine ideology, is money.  Congress funds the industrial military machine, the military contractors.  The contractors repay politicians.

The globalist ideology advances.  Notice, there is no ideological pushback against the White House and U.S. State Dept foreign policy from Congress.

Why?… money.

If you are an institution (or individual) and your enterprise needs power to advance your interests (think Big Tech), you align with Democrats.   If you are an institution (or individual) and your enterprise needs money to advance your interests (think Wall St), you align with Republicans.

The left-wing wants power to advance ideology. The right-wing wants money.  That’s why the Republicans never stop any of the Democrats’ ideological gains.

♦ Elections. IDEOLOGY: The ballot-harvesting agenda of the left-wing (DNC/dems) is clear; they have thousands of networked groups funded by donor activity (Zuckerbucks etc.), organized in every community to assemble ballots.  MONEY: The right-wing response is to see the opportunity for fundraising…. Meanwhile, a massive network known as True The Vote, Catherine Englebrecht, with an army of skilled voter integrity grassroots operations, easily retooled to a ballot collection network, sits untapped.

This is the nature of the system that distracts us.  Two wings of the same vulture. This is the inherent nature of U.S. politics in the big picture, and I can get as granular and specific as anyone might need – including the propositions for why club candidates are selected within the ‘illusion of choice’ game.

Back to the question: “Who’s they?“

♦ Consider the scale.  Donald Trump is falsely prosecuted for a non-existent crime and tens of thousands of Americans send money to his campaign to show support.  According to media outlets, Trump raised over $10 million in a few days from the average MAGA American.   There are also claims that Ron DeSantis raised $30 million in the last few months from billionaires, hedge funds, Wall Street and multinational corporations during his not-a-campaign book tour.

Sounds good right?  Well….

For scale, former Dianne Feinstein staffer Dan Jones, left the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in order to work as the liaison between private interests, contractors and government officials in the stop-Trump campaign. Within a week, Dan Jones created the Penn Quarter Group and raised $50 million to spend on the effort….

…. “They” gave it to him.

There are various “theys” within the system.   One set of ‘theys” are the multinationals and billionaire donors who control the levers of power behind the Potemkin village we call Washington DC.   George Carlin called them ‘the big club.’

The other set of ‘theys”, that few people talk about, are the operatives who work as the guards for the system.   This is where the United States intelligence community, various opaque government agencies, and federal intelligence contractors come into play.   I have met the participants.

The guards are paid to run domestic surveillance operations that are then funneled into the U.S. Justice System for official targeting operations conducted by the DOJ and FBI.  These are tradecraft agents within quasi government agencies, most federal contract agencies, that target politicians and influential people with the specific intent on gaining leverage, blackmail, information etc, for use by those who retain and protect the system.

You could call these the “seven ways to Sunday crowd”, as defined by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.   Or you could call these people the “FBI contractors” who have access to the NSA database as part of their operational mission to conduct surveillance and create the files that ultimately end up with the “seven ways to Sunday crowd.”

It matters not what you call them, these men and women conduct targeting operations against U.S. citizens and U.S. businesses.  They also create the files that are used by political operatives like Dan Jones.  That’s why $50,000,000.00 was/is needed for the Trump operation.

All of the puppets, players and politicians within the Potemkin village are under this network of surveillance, and at any time they can be targeted by a host of tradecraft operations to ensnare them.

If you start digging into the actual corruption, schemes or a specific granular episode that highlights risk to the DC operation, you end up like former CBS news investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, with “TSCI” material in a hidden file within your computer for the FBI to randomly find.

Former DAG Rod Rosenstein and FBI official Shawn Henry ran that specific operation against Attkisson.  Shawn Henry went on to work for Crowdstrike in their “proactive and incident response services” division.  That’s the intel security company that investigated the DNC “hack” and told the FBI it was Russians who did it…. at least that’s the claim from the FBI who never investigated the “hack”, a claim later denied by Crowdstrike.   See how that works?

Yesterday you might have read that 40 intelligence and law enforcement “confidential human sources” were in the J6 Proud Boy’s operation at the DC capitol.  That’s another example of the “theys” that function as contractors to the system within the larger intelligence apparatus.  It all falls under the Director of National Intelligence and Dept of Homeland Security (DHS).

Another example of the “theys” in the system are the FBI and various “Intelligence Community” officials and contractors you see exposed in the Twitter files.  Essentially, embeds in the Big Tech social media system.  It sure makes datamining operations easier when the federally contracted ‘miners’ are inside the communication platforms, able to review all the private discussions and report that information back to the DHS central command.  Things making sense now?


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