Why Did Putin Have An Earpiece Last Night For Translation But Not Tucker?


Last night’s Tucker Carlson interview of President Putin is giving me endless things to talk about today…

It was one of the most fascinating 2+ hours I’ve spent recently!

And I’ve been covering topic after topic today, but now I want to pause and ask about something slightly strange that I noticed…

I was curious to see how this interview would go since one man speaks English and the other Russian.

I believe Putin probably has a decent grasp of English too, but I assumed Tucker does not speak Russian.

So I assumed they’d have translators and earpieces going, and they kind of did except it appears to me (and you can just pull up the video and watch for yourself to confirm) that Putin used an earpiece but Tucker did not.

How is that possible?

Does Tucker speak Russian?

See Putin here:

And Tucker here:

I wasn’t the only person who noticed and was confused.

I asked Grok to see what it would say:


Sorry to the all-powerful computer AI, but I don’t think any of those three explanations make sense.

I think it’s more likely that Tucker had a small, in-ear, hidden microphone perhaps in his left ear that we can’t see so well.


And Putin was using maybe an older, bulkier technology.

One thing I’m pretty confident about…even if Tucker does have a fairly good understanding of the Russian language (which I have no evidence to believe is true) you would not risk an interview of this magnitude on a communication misunderstanding!  Even Putin who I believe speaks English fairly well was leaving nothing up to chance and had a translation earpiece in.  That’s simply what you do.

But I’d love to know what everyone else thinks!

Drop a comment below.


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