Why Does Planned Parenthood’s Headquarters Look EXACTLY Like An Aztec Child-Sacrifice Pyramid?


You’re not going to believe your eyes with this one…

When I first heard the rumor that Planned Parenthood’s headquarters building in Houston, TX looked exactly like a Aztec ritualistic child sacrifice pyramid, I thought “that can’t be true…”

Then I saw the photos…

Look at this:

Oh, just a coincidence, right?

Just random chance?

Or very intentional, and very planned?

Oh and in case you think those might be doctored photos, here is the full building from Wikipedia Commons:

Here’s more from the GCRTL:

As I was putting together some photos of our Mexico trip for the GCRTL Pinterest page, I was browsing through photos of Teotihuacán, and suddenly I saw one that looked remarkably familiar.  So familiar, in fact, that I gasped and quickly “googled” another image to see if the apparent similarity was in my mind.

Like many indigenous peoples, the Aztecs worshipped numerous gods, and some of them were downright bloodthirsty.  One such bloodthirsty god was Tlaloc, who holds a place of honor at Teotihuacán in west-facing temples. Anthropological studies have suggested that the worship of Tlaloc actually precedes the Aztecs in Mexico. Tlaloc was not just a bloodthirsty god, it was specifically demanding of the sacrifice of children.

From Wikipedia:The “Atlcahualo” was celebrated from the 12th of February until the 3rd of March. Dedicated to the Tlaloque, this veintena involved the sacrifice of many children on sacred mountaintops. The children were beautifully adorned, dressed in the style of Tlaloc and the Tlaloque. On litters strewn with flowers and feathers; surrounded by dancers, they were transported to a shrine and their hearts would be pulled out by priests. If, on the way to the shrine, these children cried, their tears were viewed as signs of imminent and abundant rains.

Let me repeat: “they were transported to a shrine and their hearts would be pulled out…”

Savage, isn’t it?  It is hard to fathom that people would build shrines and temples for the purpose of ripping the hearts out of children, much less that they would do so in the hope of achieving a benefit to the rest of the community.  This continued for hundreds of years and thousands of children and it was not stopped as a widespread practice until the spread of Christianity throughout Mesoamerica.

Except, savage nations continue to build shrines and temples for the purpose of ripping the hearts out of children.  I am sad to say that the United States is one such nation, for not only do we rip out the hearts of innocent children on a daily basis, we do so with the hope of achieving a benefit for the rest of the community. Our death toll – 1.2 million each year and nearly 60 million since 1973, certainly exceeds that of Tlaloc.

Part of the grand pyramids of Teotihuacán include these smaller temples.  In the one on the right, the image appears to be rounded on top. In reality, that is another Pyramid in the horizon shown behind the temple.  Remember how I mentioned the temples of Tlaloc?  Once you take a closer look, something very disturbing starts to emerge…

You see, the shape of these temples dedicated to child sacrifice looked pretty familiar to me.  Once I realized why, I was able to use the “magic” of an iphone camera overlay and masking program to see if I was right.  I started out very lightly bringing the underlying image into focus…

As I added a little more color and applied a little less transparency to the underlying image, it started to get a bit clearer, and I realized that the underlying image was nearly identical. Have you figured it out yet?

If you are not familiar with this building, it is the Planned Parenthood mega-abortion center in Houston Texas. It is also a nearly perfect image match for the left side of the temple.  Note that I did not do anything to altar the shape of the building, I simply used the masking tool and the fade tool.

Let’s end with this sickening quote from Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger:


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