Why Does President Trump Keep Referring To “JFK Jr.”?


Is JFK Jr. still alive?

Is he not only still alive but secretly working with rPOTUS and the White Hats?

I think it’s extremely unlikely, but….I have to say I am starting to find a few things kind of strange.

Top of that list is President Trump himself mentioning “JFK Jr.” not once but TWICE recently…

And then when corrected by the interviewer and given the chance to change his statement he very noticeably does not.

Am I making much about nothing here?

I don’t know.

I’ll just show you what we’ve got and let YOU decide.

Let’s start with President Trump’s recent interview with Fox News Host Bret Baier.

At one point, President Trump says: “JFK Jr. is a very nice person I know him very well.”

Baier then corrected him by saying “Robert”.

Twice, he actually corrects him twice.

Trump heard him, stops, but does not correct his statement.

Watch for yourself:

And here:

Ok, fine.

Just a slip of the tongue and President Trump doesn’t ever like to admit he made a mistake so he doesn’t acknowledge it.

Mystery solved, right?


Some users on Twitter questioned if Trump made the comment by mistake or on purpose.

Then just back in April, we have Trump talking at length about JFK, Jr.

Check out this interview with Mark Levin from April:

I’ll give you one more before I wrap this up.

And as I said, could all just be coincidence but this one is pretty crazy.

In an interview back in 2020, Robert Kennedy is asked in chat to “TOUCH YOUR NOSE IF JRK JR IS ALIVE”….

And then a second later he does it.

Probably just a wild coincidence, but you gotta admit this is some crazy timing:

Backup here:

So there you go.

Actually, even Rolling Stone and the Washington Post have covered the speculation, did you know that?

First up, the Rolling Stone:

Consider, if you will, a sliding scale of celebrities. On one end of this spectrum are those who are still alive, including but not limited to: Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber, nine-tenths of the original cast of Beverly Hills, 90210. On the other end are those who are dead, also including but not limited to: Elvis Presley, John Belushi, and (arguably) Tupac.

On this scientific scale, John F. Kennedy Jr. falls somewhere in between Judy Garland and former Minnesota Twins center fielder Kirby Puckett; all of which is to say, he is extremely, irrefutably dead. In July 1999, the pulchritudinous son of John and Jackie Kennedy and cofounder of George magazine perished in a tragic plane crash at the age of 38, along with his wife Carolyn Bessette and his sister-in-law Lauren. At least, this is the conventional narrative perpetuated by the fake news media, according to supporters of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory QAnon. Hardcore Q believers think that JFK Jr. is not only alive and well, but also that he plans to emerge from his 20-year hiatus from public life by coming out and supporting Trump as his running mate in 2020. Moreover, they believe that a guy in Pittsburgh named Vincent Fusca is actually JFK Jr. in disguise, and they have made T-shirts promoting this belief. (Seriously. You can buy them on Amazon.)

The theory that JFK Jr. is alive and a Trump supporter and a hirsute former financial services professional who lives in Pittsburgh has been percolating in QAnon forums for at least the past year. But it recently made a resurgence on YouTube, where QAnon supporters are posting tutorials for how to make JFK Jr. face masks to wear to Trump’s much-hyped July 4th rally, when they believe JFK Jr. will finally emerge from hiding. The goal of the masks, according to Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer, is for believers to be able to easily identify other QAnon supporters (though, frankly, this seems unlikely, as the shock of seeing a long-dead celebrity casually walking around Washington would almost certainly inspire mass fear and panic in the streets).

So what, exactly, is the basis for this theory, and where did it come from? Why, exactly, do QAnon believers ardently cling to the idea that John John is alive and well and living in Pittsburgh? And did Vincent Fusca have sex with Daryl Hannah in the 1980s? These are just a few of the important questions we must answer.

So what is QAnon, exactly?
QAnon is an elaborate conspiracy theory suggesting that an anonymous poster known as “Q” (so named because of his supposed high level of security clearance in the U.S. government), has been posting messages since fall 2017 attesting to a “deep-state” conspiracy against Trump orchestrated by his enemies, including Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and Barack Obama. QAnon supporters believe that the Robert Mueller investigation is actually a front for an investigation into Trump’s enemies, who they believe are engaged in a number of criminal activities, including running a powerful global pedophile ring. They eagerly await “the Storm,” or the moment when Q will reveal himself and Trump will arrest all of his enemies and send them to Guantanamo Bay.
How did JFK Jr. become involved?
The theory that Kennedy was alive and running Q arose in June 2018, after the anonymous poster behind Q briefly went dark. Another anonymous poster, “R,” showed up on the QAnon forums on the website 8chan and started dropping hints that JFK Jr. had faked his death to avoid being targeted by members of the deep-state conspiracy and was actually Q.
The idea gained further credence thanks to Liz Crokin, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who referred to JFK Jr.’s role as Q during a 2018 interview with vlogger Jenny Moonstone. In the video, Crokin cited Q’s posts about former President John F. Kennedy as evidence that JFK Jr. was running the account. “The way that Q talks about JFK Sr. in the posts, it is with such love and passion, it makes me think that it is someone that is close to him,” Crokin said in the video. “If JFK Jr. faked his death and was alive, it would make sense that he was Q.”

Adding fuel to the fire, a quote attributed to JFK Jr. in praise of Trump was widely shared by QAnon supporters on social media. “If my dear friend Donald Trump ever decided to sacrifice his fabulous billionaire lifestyle to become president he would be an unstoppable force for ultimate justice that Democrats and Republicans alike would celebrate,” the quote, which was reportedly published in George Magazine in June 1999, read. (Kennedy’s fatal plane crash was on July 16, 1999.)
The fact-checking website Politifact later found there was no record of Kennedy ever having written such a thing in George — or anywhere else, for that matter. (The photo accompanying the post, however, did appear to be genuine, and was taken at a Knicks game the two attended in March 1999.) Not wanting to let a silly thing like facts get in the way, QAnon supporters clung to the theory that Kennedy and Trump had long been in cahoots, and the quote continues to circulate to this day, as does another “quote” from JFK Jr. reportedly vowing to avenge his father’s death, “even if I have to bring down the whole government.” (It’s unclear if that quote is real — either way, it was in the context of accusations that Lyndon B. Johnson was behind his father’s assassination. For the record, Lyndon B. Johnson is also very, very dead.)

And even the mocking Washington Post:

Now that everyone knows about QAnon — now that, ahem, a certain national newspaper has published at least a dozen articles about QAnon in the span of four days — we need to ask why not everyone is convinced the conspiracy theory is true.

Maybe it’s because QAnon is too true. Like, there’s just too much truth crammed into a single conspiracy theory alleging that President Trump is secretly waging war on an evil cabal of liberals who rig the elections, and run the CIA, and abduct children, and hid all the UFOs, and killed Princess Diana, and did Hurricane Katrina, and invented vampirism, and … [consults QAnon guide …]

It’s a lot, even for those who have spent months following the writings of “Q” — the anonymous insider who late last year began to reveal the outlines of the supposed global cabal and Trump’s supposedly secret plan to dismantle it.

For millions of people who learned about QAnon only last week, when seemingly every news outlet on the planet started to cover it, it can be downright overwhelming. No wonder people are skeptical.

We are here to help. Rather than try to prove the entire theory, we will simply examine one component claim, and the evidence for it, as an example of the meticulous research and robust body of evidence believers say supports all of QAnon. That claim is:
⚡⚡⚡ John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his death and joined Trump’s secret evil-fighting organization, where he writes 4chan posts under the pseudonym “Q”⚡⚡⚡

We thank the Daily Beast for alerting us to the truth bomb above, which is a relatively new one in the QAnon compendium. Our analysis follows, with the most important evidence surrounded by lightning bolt emoji for clarity.

⚡⚡ Liberals killed President Kennedy! ⚡⚡
Even since his first anonymous forum posts in late October, Q has made clear that only three U.S. presidents in modern history are not part of the evil cabal and that all of them were in great danger because of it.

“The ‘fix’ has always been in,” Q wrote in December. “No matter which party won the election (JFK killed/Reagan shot).”

Of course, Q was not the first person to see a conspiracy behind Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. But in a February post, Q revealed that Trump and his allies recite a daily prayer to JFK in the Oval Office.

“Rest in peace Mr. President,” it goes. “Since your tragic death, Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT.”
How QAnon, the conspiracy theory spawned by a Trump quip, got so big and scary

The “beam of LIGHT” refers to the secret organization to which Trump and Q belong, which formed in the aftermath of Kennedy’s assassination, and is now finally strong enough to begin dismantling the cabal.

Q claims to be a high-level intelligence official within this organization, and obviously he must be — or how would he know about Trump’s secret prayer?

⚡  Then Kennedy Jr. was killed to make way for Hillary Clinton’s political career! ⚡⚡
According to the mainstream media (which is, of course, part of the cabal), JFK’s son died in a private plane crash 36 years after his father’s assassination — a tragic accident with no political consequences whatsoever.

Unlike many in his extended family, John F. Kennedy Jr. never ran for public office. After a year-long investigation, the federal government concluded that he had lost control of his plane while flying his wife and sister-in-law over the Atlantic Ocean on a hazy night in 1999.

Such was the official story, which Q blew out of the water with a 15-word truth bomb in April:

Q followed up with a link to a 1956 memo he had found on the CIA’s public website — which to the untrained eye appears to have nothing to do with the Kennedys but which contained the words “guided missiles” and, therefore, raised the possibility that the CIA blew up JFK Jr.’s plane with guided missiles.

These scant clues were all Q’s army of amateur researchers needed to fill in the blanks. Within hours of the post, they discovered that JFK Jr. had once been photographed with Trump. Therefore, they reasoned, the two men were probably close allies.

Q very deliberately noted that Hillary Clinton launched her political career with a U.S. Senate run the year after the plane crash. And while JFK Jr. was not a politician and had not been planning to run against her, he had apparently once thought about running for the Senate, and, therefore, Clinton’s associates in the cabal might have thought it convenient to kill him and his family with a missile and somehow conceal all the evidence rather than risk a Democratic primary fight.

Anyway, the QAnon scholars couldn’t disprove the possibility. And neither can you, and the opposite of disproof is proof. So, proven.
⚡ JFK Jr. is Q!!!! ⚡

QAnon believers have a saying (we believe they coined it), “Follow the white rabbit.” The white rabbit will lead you through the twisted caverns of deception, to the underground burrows of warm, fluffy truth.

Here is the deepest truth in this particular rabbit hole: John F. Kennedy Jr. is not really dead.

John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, attend an awards gala in May 1999. They died just two months later.

To be sure, not even Q has dared claim so in public. But as the Daily Beast wrote, the cryptic author went conspicuously silent for several weeks in July. During Q’s absence, another mysterious prophet, named R (“R is the letter in the alphabet after Q,” the Beast explains), began to post on the same forum, claiming that JFK Jr. faked the plane crash and then began secretly working to put Trump in the White House and destroy the Clinton/Illuminati/vampire cabal.

I’ll finish this article where I started…

Do I think JFK Jr. is still alive?


But I did find President Trump’s two recent interviews to be VERY interesting.

And that’s what we do here, we cover things that catch our attention.

We’re watching.


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