WOW: Brilliant Video Shows How They Manipulate You With The News


You may have seen this before, but I bet many have not seen it.

This needs to make the rounds…

In 1983, 90% of the “media” was owned by 50 different companies.

By 2015?  The same 90% was owned by only 6 companies.

Take a look:

So why do I tell you that?

Because when you consolidate so much control, it means you can send almost any message you want and broadcast it out in unison.

Think your local news is immune?

Think again.

Your local news is not all that local.

Your local news receives carefully orchestrated talking points they are required to read to you verbatim each day…doesn’t matter if it’s ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX, it’s all the same.

Want proof?

Well, just watch this right here on Rumble and prepare to have your mind blown (and then turn off your TV):

Show a friend!

Oh, by the way I should probably tell you that we don’t get any “Talking Points” here at Mytruthnews

We cover the news the way I want to cover it.

We follow the truth wherever we find it.

We report on whatever is interesting and relevant to you and me….and we don’t answer to ANYONE!

You know, kind of like journalism was always supposed to be!


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