X Account Suspended After Predicting Injury…


This is one of the odder stories of the week, but here we go.

Aaron Rodgers recently suffered a serious injury on the field that left his Achilles tendon torn and the football superstar was benched for the remainder of the season.

Directly before that occurred, an X social media user known as Daddy Zaslav eerily predicted how and when Rodgers would be injured with spectacular precision.

Not long after his prediction came true, Daddy Zaslav’s account was suspended.

At least one source claimed that Zaslav was suspended due to raucous interactions he had with other users in the comment section, and not the prediction itself, though this is currently unconfirmed.

My question is how did Zaslav predict Rodgers’ injury with such startling precision? What do we make of this? Here’s more on the story:

The New York Post highlighted the strange occurrence:

By 8:30 p.m., the 39-year-old Jets savior was carted off the field after going down with the ankle injury following a sack on the team’s fourth offensive play.

The horrifying prediction was viewed over 11 million times before it was taken down some time on Tuesday — after the team confirmed what Gang Green nation feared.

X, the site formerly known as Twitter, did not provide a reason for why the account was suspended.

Head Coach Robert Saleh addressed the media regarding Rodgers’ Achilles injury and told reporters “It’s not good,” as fans wonder when he will return to the game.

Fox News provided more details on Rodgers’ injury:

Rodgers was helped off the field and to a cart where he was eventually taken to the back and evaluated.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh said he believed Rodgers suffered an Achilles injury. On Tuesday, an MRI reportedly confirmed their worst fears.


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