A Sign From God? Sky Turns Blood Red Over Ukraine And Russia


A rare red northern light has taken over the sky of Ukraine and Russia.

The eerie lights come just as news has broken that Ukraine might be at the end of its war with Russia.

See the lights here:

Vox News shares more information on the story:

The night sky has taken on a reddish color this evening, as the Aurora Borealis phenomenon has rarely been visible as far as Croatia.

Numerous photos of this unusual phenomenon, which can be seen in parts of Slavonia, Zagorje, Zagreb and even Ukraine, have appeared on social networks.

Could this be a sign from God?

A condemnation of the war?

Yahoo News shares more:

The northern lights were visible in Kyiv Oblast: Bucha City Council reported that the aurora borealis had been observed in the sky above the hromada and posted a photo.

Kramatorsk City Council reported the phenomenon in Donetsk Oblast.

Red skies were also witnessed in Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Odesa, Kirovohrad, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson Oblasts.

Kharkiv astronomer Volodymyr Kazhanov explained that the red sky seen in various oblasts of Ukraine was due to a geomagnetic storm.


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