After A While, The Lion Has To Show The Jackals Who’s King…


A couple days ago, I posted a video called “Adrenaline Rush” and I said it was one of the best Trump videos you will ever see.

It is.

And I’ll post it down below in case you missed it.

But a friend send me a link to this video about the King of the Jungle and it’s also so good!

So I had to share…

Do you remember the final scene of the Lion King when Simba finally rightfully returns to reclaim his throne?

He enters a world of darkness, blacks and greys.

No color.

No life.

No food.

No rain.

No hope.

But when the king’s paw first lands back in the pridelands, things soon change.

He dethrones the evil Scar, sending him tumbling to his death and the rain then starts, washing away the shitstain on America that is Joe Biden….errrr, I mean washing away all the damage the jackals and hyenas had done.

Suddenly, color returns…

Life returns…

Hope returns.

Because the king is back on the throne.

With that in mind, I have to show you this…

There’s this really awesome video that was put together a few years ago after President Trump won the 2016 election.

It’s a video of the Trump family on election day walking down main street while this really incredible audio track plays in the background.

The track is Christopher Walken speaking in his trademark voice doing this monologue about the LION…the king of the jungle.

It’s captivating.

It talks about the lion being the King of the Jungle…he’s SO big.  Huge mane.  He’s so hot.  He just lays there while the kids and the lioness try to bother him.  But he’s not phased.  He ignores it all.

He even ignores the hyenas and the jackals (hey, I think that is a reference to our VP and Resident!)…

…until one day: he pounces!

He springs into action after sleeping for 22 hours of the day in the hot sun.

But he finally snaps into action when he’s taken all he can take and he teaches all of the jackals and hyenas a deadly lesson.

It’s so good — and I’m going to tell you why I’m posting about this right now in just a minute, but first you have to watch it here on Rumble:

Ok, so why am I bringing this up?

Because President Trump himself just posted about it.

Four days ago, he reposted the link to this video on his @realdonaldtrump TruthSocial account — the one he runs himself.

The cryptic video has everyone talking….and his enemies in D.C. taking notice as well:

Keep on laughing Hyena…

Keep on lying and stealing and cheating Jackal…

Your time will soon be up.

When the LION returns…

TRUMP 45-47-19!

Oh, and before I go…I don’t want a low-IQ DemonRat to get confused and think my reference to the death of Scar from a cartoon is “calling for violence”.


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