All Three Whitmer Kidnapping Defendants Found NOT GUILTY!


Score one for TRUTH and JUSTICE!

The final 3 defendants in the phony FBI setup frame-job Whitmer kidnapping case have been acquitted on all counts.

I like how Catturd says it: Conspiracy Theorists 59-0!  (and counting!)

Yeah, I’m definitely going to need some new conspiracy theories because all of mine keep coming true!

This one red-pilled a LOT of people….

Look at these comments — almost NO ONE is trusting the FBI anymore.

And what should come of a Government that turns on its people and weaponizes against them?

The people are awake now!

From JustTheNews:

Three men were acquitted Friday on all charges against in connection to allegedly being involved in a plot to kidnap Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2020.

Eric Molitor, William Null and Michael Null were found not guilty of providing support for a terrorist act and a weapon charge, The Associated Press reports.

They were the final three 14 men to face charges in court. Nine were convicted and five have been cleared in state and federal court.

Two other men, Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr., considered to be the leades of the plot were convicted last year in a different court of a kidnapping conspiracy in the same case.


And from CNN:

Three men were acquitted Friday on all charges against them in connection to allegations that they were involved in a 2020 plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Eric Molitor, William Null and Michael Null were each acquitted on one count of providing material support for a terrorist act and possessing a firearm when committing or attempting to commit a felony.

Prosecutors alleged the men targeted the Democratic governor’s northern Michigan vacation cottage and conducted surveillance of her home.

Molitor and the Null brothers, visibly emotional hearing the jury’s verdict in a Michigan courtroom, are the last of a group of 14 prosecuted in state and federal courts in connection to the plot.

Eight men were charged on the state level and another six were indicted on federal charges in 2020. Ultimately, nine were convicted or pleaded guilty in the case, and five were acquitted.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said the government’s efforts in the case “undoubtedly saved lives.”

“While today’s verdicts are not what we hoped for, the successes we have achieved throughout these cases, in both state and federal courts, sends a clear message that acts of domestic terrorism will not be tolerated in our state,” Nessel said in a statement Friday.

In case you don’t know the full story or have had trouble following it, Tucker broke it down shortly before he was fired from Fox.

This is truly stunning… this:

And watch the incredible moment in court when the verdict is read.



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