Biden Gets Devastating News, But It Is We Who Should Be Scared…


An animal is at its most dangerous whenever it is cornered and has no escape route. …

Joe Biden continues to get terrible news and this latest development is a precursor of things to come. …

The latest national polling data shows President Trump beating Biden in the 2024 Presidential election. Newsmax presented some of the most recent polling data:

Joe Biden’s job approval remains decidedly negative: approve 43%, disapprove 55%. And 72% of undecided voters disapprove the job Biden is doing.

Most of the undecided vote is a hidden vote for Trump.

Under Biden, 67% of all voters believe the country is on the wrong track.

Only 25% say it’s headed in the right direction. And 83% of the undecided presidential voters say it’s on the wrong track.

So why is this bad? We should be pretty happy right now, right?

Earlier today, I wrote a piece titled “Biden’s Final Election Interference Play Revealed? Buckle Up…” I explained what Tucker Carlson and many others fear. …

The Biden administration will attempt to drag Russia into a hot war in order to throw the U.S. into crisis mode.

I shouldn’t have to explain that a hot war with Russia equals a third global war.

At that point, elections will either be canceled outright, or the useful idiots in our society will vote to keep Biden because of the wartime President effect.

A lot can happen between now and November 2024, and as I stated earlier—a cornered animal is the most dangerous animal. …

It may have been prudent for a 2016 surprise to happen again, but with President Trump polling well this early in the election cycle, we may be in for hard times ahead—the Biden regime will not go quietly into the night.

Here’s what we currently know and multiple polls reflecting the same data:

Breitbart reports that a majority of American voters now believe that Biden had a direct hand in indicting President Trump:

The poll asked respondents, “And how much of a role would you say President Joe Biden has played in the indictments of former President Donald Trump?”

Sixty percent said Biden had a role in the indictments, while just 29 percent said he had no role. Eleven percent did not know.


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