Black Lives MAGA: “I Guess We Ain’t Black!”


Oh man, I love these ladies!

This is pure Americana right here and I love it!

Live from Trump’s Waco, TX rally yesterday, I think we have a couple new starts born…

Joe Biden says these ladies aren’t black but it sure seems to me like they’re black and they LOVE America!  And they love MAGA!  And they’re on fire!

This is a short clip but so good.

I took notes:


We are here to support our President Donald John Trump!

Remember, we are not black, Joe Biden told us we aren’t black!

We want to see more minorities step out and speak up!

Show your support for America, for God, for Trump, for Country!

If you like high gas prices, if you like killing babies, if you don’t know whether you’re a man, woman, unicorn or frog, if you like giving all your hard earned money to another country….then this ain’t the party for you!

And remember if you keep VOTING left, you’ll HAVE nothing left!

So good!

Enjoy and then share:

Backup on Rumble here:

I want one of those shirts!

This is AJ Evette from Arlington Texas Train, a conservative VFW group.




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