BOMBSHELL: Two New Top IRS Whistleblowers Testify To Congress — “I’m Risking My Career”


There are a few phrases that I hate when covering the news, especially when used in headlines.

One is “broke his silence”.

You will never see me use the phrase “broke his silence” unless it is referring to a Monk who took a 20 year vow of silence and is just now uttering his first words in decades.

Short of that, I’m not using the phrase, I think it’s lame.

Another one is “dunked on”.

No one “dunked on” anyone.

It’s a stupid phrase.

The third one is “BOMBSHELL” ….. except …… when it truly is a bombshell.

I reserve that word for rare occasions and today is just such an occasion.

Today we have not one but TWO top level IRS criminal investigators coming forward risking it all — risking their careers, their reputation, and total destruction by the Biden Regime — to tell the truth.

These two new whistleblowers confirm the other previous whistleblowers.

It was said that 2023 would be the Year of the Whistleblower, and I’d say this counts.

Watch here for his opening statement:

We are livestreaming the entire testimony over on Rumble, so please join us:

More from Ziegler:

“There is nothing that indicates Hunter Biden will be required to amend his false tax return for 2018 — a false tax return that includes improper deductions for prostitutes, sex clubs, and his adult children’s tuition.”

It should be noted this is a life-long Democrat and a gay man.

I bring that up because HE brought it up in his testimony.

He says those things shouldn’t give him any “extra credibility” but I believe they do.

That’s a profile for a Biden voter, and yet this man is risking it all because the truth must be told and corruption must not be allowed to continue.

If not stopped, we will truly have a Tyrant and not a President.

Worse than Third World Stuff.

He also sat down with Catherine Herridge who is an excellent reporter:


Did someone say “Bombshell”?

I told you this was a Bombshell story:

“It appeared to me, based on what I experienced, that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware in our investigation was constantly hamstrung, limited, and marginalized by DOJ officials.”

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley: “This case was presented to two presidentially-appointed US attorneys in D.C. and California, that no charges were brought in those districts tells you everything you need to know.”

This is a breaking story and we’ll continue to monitor it and bring you updates.


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