NY AG Letitia James Outraged After President Trump Storms Out of Court Room With Secret Service Chasing Him


President Trump is being sued for $250 million in New York.


The state is accusing him of fraud.

The judge even fined Trump, who we want to emphasize is a former president, for $10,000 for simply exercising his First Amendment right to free speech.

To any level-headed observer, it’s clear that these trials are politically motivated witch hunts to hobble President Trump before next year’s 2024 election.

President Trump understands this.

And this is why he got frustrated and stormed out of the court room!

This was not a planned moment.

In fact, it was so shocking that Secret Service was caught off guard.

Trump’s protective detail had to improvise and chased him to ensure his safety.

What a moment!

Apparently, NY AG Letitia James is not happy with President Trump exercising his First Amendment rights.

The Daily Mail confirms:

New York Attorney General Letitia James hit back at former President Donald Trump after he stormed out of a Manhattan court and was later fined $10k in a day of legal fireworks.

In a dramatic outburst on Wednesday afternoon in New York State Supreme Court, the former President threw his arms up in the air before getting up and leaving.

It came after fixer-turned-foe Michael Cohen testified that Trump did not direct him to inflate the value of his properties.

Trump left the courtroom and told waiting reporters: ‘The witness just admitted that we won the trial and the judge should end this trial immediately. Thank you.’

After the explosive day in court, Attorney General Letitia James hit back at Trump, saying that the notion that Cohen undermined the state’s case was not true.

Speaking outside the court, she said: ‘This has been a four year investigation, and there is mountains of evidence which basically corroborate the testimony of a number of witnesses.

‘It’s also important to know that Michael Cohen is not the main witness. His evidence has been corroborated by the mountains of evidence, enough evidence to fill the courtroom.

‘And so I look forward again to this trial continuing. And I look always, and I have, of course, I always look forward to justice. Thank you very much.

Of course, instead of looking at the evidence, James appears to be set on fulfilling a pre-determined narrative against President Trump.

Cohen’s testimony proves that Cohen himself is not to be trusted.

After all, he is a verifiable and chronic liar.

So why do James and her allies think that Cohen is a qualified “star witness” against President Trump?

It’s no wonder President Trump stormed out of the court room!

Cohen has publicly tarnished his reputation and proven why he is not a reliable witness.

Yet it’s not Cohen who suffers from the justice system.

It’s President Trump.

People Magazine reports that Trump’s bold actions were so brave that people in the court room audibly gasped:

Donald Trump stormed out of his civil fraud trial on Wednesday to courtroom gasps, moments after his former attorney Michael Cohen backtracked on earlier testimony about whether he had lied to Congress.

CNN reports that Cohen appeared to offer inconsistent testimonies this week about whether Trump directed him or former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg to inflate numbers on his personal financial statements.

When Cohen ultimately stated that Trump never directly instructed him to inflate the value of his assets, Trump’s lawyers asked for the judge to issue a directed verdict in Trump’s favor on the grounds that their case had just been proved. The judge denied the motion.

At that point, various outlets report, the former president threw up his hands, said, “I’m leaving,” and walked out of the courtroom trailed by Secret Service agents as members of the courtroom gasped.

This is why the media calls Trump “unpresidential.”

Because he refuses to be a punching bag for their toxic political games.

But the American people can see for themselves what’s really going on.

So what do you think?

Do you think President Trump’s actions were warranted?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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