BOOM – Gov DeSantis ROASTS politicians tweeting how “thankful” they were for the COVID vaccine after testing positive on anniversary of pandemic [VIDEO]


On the 3rd anniversary of the ugly COVID pandemic, Governor DeSantis used it as a moment to take a victory lap.

While doing so, he took a moment to roast politicians for tweeting how thankful they were for the COVID vaccine after they tested positive.


I love his logic. And he’s absolutely right about it.

Just from my own memory, we first heard it would keep you from getting COVID. Then we heard it would keep you from spreading COVID. And then we heard if you have the vaccines, it’ll keep you from getting severe COVID, for the most part.

I think the last one about severe COVID was partially true and proved true for some people. But the first two, re ‘getting’ and ‘spreading’, they proved to be completely false.

Which underscores what DeSantis is saying here about these politicians being so beholding to a vaccine that wasn’t very effective.

DeSantis also went after the credibility of the CDC, noting that they need to work on winning people’s trust back.

And pushing boosters on six-month-old babies isn’t the way to do that. He appropriatley says that’s ‘absolutely insane’:


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