BREAKING: Bragg’s Team Goes Into Full DAMAGE CONTROL Mode After Being EXPOSED


Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s team has come under the microscope—that tends to happen when you levy bogus charges, in a historic first, against a former U.S. President.

The Manhattan DA’s office has gone into full damage control mode in the wake of a national spotlight cast on their personal lives, social media activity, and history.

According to Jack Posobiec, the Soros-funded prosecutor’s office deleted their “Meet Our Team” bio page and scrubbed their far-left Twitter account:

They’re trying to do everything in their power to maintain what little credibility they have, but it just won’t work—they’re going to be facing down an army of independent journalists and right-wing media personalities—like us.

They can run, but they can’t hide!

Fox News had this to say about one individual working for the Manhattan DA’s office:

As part of Reiss’ goals to radically change the criminal justice system, Reiss created the Institute for Innovation on Prosecution in 2016 at John Jay College, which collaborates with prosecution offices, including the Manhattan DA, to bring about racial equity reforms rooted in critical race theory ideology.

She left in 2018, and was listed as a leader in numerous reports relating to their agenda.

The institute believes in an ideologically driven approach to prosecution that takes into account historical factors. For example, the Institute argued in a report, signed with Reiss’ name, that prosecutors must focus on “acknowledging our nation’s shameful history of slavery and racism which continues to cloud the criminal justice system.”

Larry Elder writes via The Orange County Register:

Keep in mind that the Federal Elections Commission voted 4-1 in 2021 to close its investigation, failing to find that Trump “knowingly and willfully” broke the federal campaign finance law Bragg claims Trump violated.

As to the Department of Justice, in July 2019, the Associated Press wrote: “…(DOJ) prosecutors revealed in a court filing this week that they had closed their investigation (of alleged Trump campaign finance violations.)”

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley, a Democrat, called Bragg’s case against Trump “legally pathetic” and accused the George Soros-backed D.A. of “struggling to twist state laws to effectively prosecute a federal case long ago rejected by the Justice Department against Trump.”


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