BREAKING: First Pictures Of White House Cocaine Revealed


Photos of cocaine discovered in a phone locker at President Joe Biden’s White House have been released to the public for the first time.

The images, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the DailyMail, show a bag of white powder found in a cubby hole near the White House’s West Executive entrance.

The discovery, which sparked widespread controversy in June, was initially made public following an evacuation of the White House grounds due to the finding of “an unknown white substance” in the complex.

Tests later confirmed the substance to be Cocaine Hydrochloride, a Schedule II illegal substance. The timing of the discovery, occurring just two days after a visit by Hunter Biden, the President’s son known for his past struggles with drug addiction, fueled speculation among politicians and the public.

The investigation into the possession of a small bag containing less than a gram of cocaine faced significant challenges. Despite narrowing the list of suspects to 500, security footage failed to identify the owner.

No useful fingerprints or DNA evidence were found on the bag either, authorities claim. The extent of the interviews conducted with the suspects during the brief investigation also remains uncertain.

In July, officials from the Secret Service briefed lawmakers to announce the conclusion of their investigation into the incident. The outcome led to frustration and skepticism among many members of Congress. Concluding the probe, the Secret Service reported that the cocaine was scheduled for destruction on July 14, a day after the investigation concluded.

The White House remained largely silent on the matter. During the investigation, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed inquiries by labeling the coverage as “shameful.”


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