BREAKING: MAGA Ally To Challenge Kevin McCarthy


Business owner David Giglio has formally launched a campaign against former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to represent California’s 20th District in Congress. Giglio, branding himself an “America First Republican,” is seeking to capitalize on vulnerability following McCarthy’s controversial removal as Speaker earlier this month.

Giglio, no stranger to congressional bids after an unsuccessful run for California’s 13th District, declared his intention to “fight alongside President Donald Trump in 2024 as he WAGES WAR against the corrupt uniparty.”

The move is a signal of the growing internal divisions within the Republican party. McCarthy has been a member of the United States Congress since 2007. Giglio asserted, “Kevin McCarthy has failed the American people.”

His announcement targets McCarthy’s “failure to keep promises,” accusing him of succumbing to “Joe Biden and the radical Democrats.”

He further appealed to potential donors, urging, “Help me DEFEAT the Swamp by making a generous donation below and together we will send an America First fighter to Washington!” This bid will certainly test McCarthy’s historically strong fundraising capabilities. Although the former Speaker has previously managed to secure his seat comfortably, the political landscape appears increasingly tumultuous.

During his tenure as Speaker, McCarthy was an advocate of Trump, managing to maintain a favorable rapport with him. However, the latest developments indicate a possible shift in the party’s loyalty and strategic alliances. After his dismissal as Speaker, McCarthy was quick to squash rumors of an early resignation, affirming, “I’m not resigning. I got a lot more work to do.”


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