BREAKING: Matt Walsh EXPOSES Fox News!


Matt Walsh has officially gone to war with Fox News. …

According to the Daily Wire journalist and personality, internal documents from Fox News obtained by the Daily Wire point to something troubling. …

America’s #1 ‘conservative’ mainstream news network has gone woke. …

The internal documents have revealed that the network is encouraging employees to learn about LGBTQIA subject matter, using AI to monitor DEI quotas, and supporting groups that encourage youth hormone therapies.

Walsh presented the evidence in this lengthy Twitter thread:

Daily Wire had the scoop:

A screenshot of a Fox employee portal shared by Walsh showed that the company encourages employees to donate to the Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the L.A. LGBT Center.

Fox also encourages employees to read explicit LGBTQ books like one that gives a sexually explicit description of a “glory hole” and another that describes pornographic scenes between two gay characters.

The Blaze reported this previous instance where Walsh called out Fox News:

“Fox continues to promote radical left wing gender ideology by referring to men as ‘she.’

This is not even a remotely conservative media outlet.

They have long since adopted the most extreme and absurd positions of the left,” he tweeted while highlighting an article about transgender woman Dylan Mulvaney that referred to the biological man using female pronouns.


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