BREAKING: President Trump Issues New Statement on ‘Fake Storyteller’ Michael Cohen


On Tuesday morning, 45th President Donald Trump issued a new statement on disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen who is a key witness in the case being brought against Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D).

“Remember, Michael Cohen was a lawyer who also represented clients other than me, and who did business transactions for himself, like Taxi Cab Medallions, etc,” Trump wrote about his former lawyer. “I had nothing to do with his outside businesses. On three separate occasions, Cohen asked me to grant him a Presidential Pardon on events having to do with these outside interests. I said, correctly, “NO.” Sometime after that, he became a Fake Storyteller, and began to lie about events!”

“In the history of our Country there cannot have been a more damaged or less credible witness at trial than fully disbarred lawyer and felon, Michael Cohen,” the 45th president explained. “The Southern District of New York (SDNY) wrote a scathing assessment of him, including, ‘Michael Cohen is a lawyer who, rather than setting an example of respect for the law, instead chose to break the law, repeatedly over many years & in a variety of ways…Each of his crimes involved deception,’ & deception & lying is what he is doing here!”

Cohen pleaded guilty in 2018 to federal charges including five counts of tax invasion, one count of willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution, and one count of making an excessive campaign contribution at the request of a candidate. In addition, Cohen was charged with lying to Congress.

Given that the district attorney’s case has Cohen as a key witness against President Trump, it would be simple for Trump’s lawyers to quickly discredit his testimony, as explained by former Stormy Daniel’s Attorney Michael Avenatti, who has insight into the case’s details.

Last week, Avenatti took to Twitter to explain the challenging circumstances under which the Manhattan district attorney attempted to bring a case against the 45th president.

“Atty Joe Tacopina is no Rudy Giuliani/Sydney Powell. The guy knows his way around a criminal courtroom,” he wrote about Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina who has been making the rounds on national media to explain the case. “He will destroy Michael ‘Dumb as a Box of Rocks’ Cohen on the stand, esp. seeing as Cohen publicly lied for 15 mos. and now won’t stop talking on TV.”

“There are many critical facts and pieces of evidence (texts, emails, etc.) relating to the hush money scandal that have yet to see the light of day,” he explained. “And they will unfortunately be very damaging to the prosecution if Trump stands trial. At this point, you simply can’t build a case on the testimony of Cohen & Daniels.”

In addition to Avenatti’s opinion, former legal advisor to Cohen, Bob Costello, told reporters following his testimony, “There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Michael Cohen has great difficulty telling the truth. He is, after all a convicted perjurer, and our track record with Mr. Cohen convinced us that he was a serial liar.”

With Cohen’s track record of perjury and excessive lying, it will be difficult for Bragg to build a case on Cohen’s testimony alone. Perhaps there is more evidence that has not been seen by the public but Trump’s statement rings true.


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