BREAKING: Proof of Political Persecution Emerges, DA Bragg’s Chief of Staff Wanted Trump Banned From Office


Jordan Stockdale, the Chief of Staff for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, has been caught endorsing tweets calling for the impeachment, removal from office, and future prevention of Trump from holding public office again.

As Chief of Staff for Bragg, Stockdale’s obvious bias against former President Trump should raise questions about both his and Bragg’s ability to perform their duties impartially. Many Republicans have voiced their concern about the partisanship and lack of objectivity from the Left during Trump’s witch hunt indictment.

Screenshots revealed that Stockdale was liking comments from Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many other left-winged members that were bashing Trump on Twitter.

Stockdale has since deleted his Twitter account.

Stockdale’s profile page is also unavailable on the Manhattan District Attorney’s website as well.


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