MAGA Supporting Rep. Johnson Secures Speaker Nomination – Fourth Times The Charm?


Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana has secured enough votes to be the new Republican nominee for the House Speaker position.

Republicans seem eager to get a new Speaker, seeing as Rep. Emmer just dropped out of the race.

Rep. Johnson appears to have much support that many other Speaker nominees have not seen.

Johnson has supported President Trump, working alongside him and being incorporated into his inner circle.

As the House enters its third week without a Speaker, will Rep. Johnson make the cut?

Is the fourth time the charm?

The folks at Fox News share more on the story:

Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., the House Republican Conference’s newly selected nominee for speaker, said late Wednesday his party was “ready to govern” as members rallied around him.

Following a closed-door conference meeting that Fox News Digital confirmed was meant to ensure he could reach the 217 votes needed to win the speakership, Johnson said he was “honored” to have the support of his colleagues and that he viewed their roles in Congress as “servant leadership.”

Even Republican X accounts seem to be pleased by the news of Rep. Johnson’s nomination:

Check out the reaction after a reporter tried to bring up the 2020 election and Johnson’s role in “overturning the 2020 election”:

NBC News shares more on the story:

Elected to Congress in 2016, Johnson, 51, is popular and well-liked among his Republican colleagues, and he has carefully avoided making many political enemies on Capitol Hill.

Johnson has a broad base of support, following a path similar to those of two of his political mentors: Majority Leader Steve Scalise, a fellow Louisianan, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio, both of whom also won nominations for speaker but dropped out. All three began as state legislators before they won seats in Congress and were head of the Republican Study Committee, the largest caucus of conservatives in Congress, before they moved up to leadership posts.

Johnson is seeking to achieve something the last three nominees failed to do: win at least 217 of the 221 Republican votes needed to become speaker. It will be Johnson’s decision whether and when to hold such a vote. Jordan held multiple votes and failed, while Scalise and Emmer bowed out before they held any floor votes, recognizing they didn’t have a path to victory.

I was very confident about Jim Jordan, I admit.

But of course, the RINOs in office wouldn’t let him become Speaker.


And this might come back to bite me.

I genuinely believe Rep. Johnson can be the next Speaker.

Not only that, but he would be a GREAT choice.

He has proven time and time again to be a supporter of President Trump.


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