BREAKING: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Drops BOMBSHELL About FBI Informant That Alleges Biden’s Bribery Scheme – The ‘Informant Will Be Killed If Unmasked’


On Monday, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) revealed that the informant that has provided the FBI with the damning document proving the involvement of current President Joe Biden in a bribery scandal involving an exchange of $5 million for pushing forward policy during his tenure as vice president is concerned for their safety.

The FBI has been in possession of a damning document that provides hard evidence of Joe Biden being involved in a massive $5 million criminal bribery scheme with another foreign national for influence over political policy during his tenure as vice president. The document has been a struggle for House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) to obtain, being stonewalled for a month by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Wray finally agreed to allow the Oversight Committee access to the document after numerous threats of being held in contempt of Congress for not obeying a congressional subpoena, as reported.

It was previously found that the informant for the FBI was “consistently reviewed by the FBI” and considered “to be highly credible,” as previously reported. It seems that there’s more to the anonymity that the unnamed person has maintained.

“Just left meeting for House Oversight. The @FBI is afraid their informant will be killed if unmasked, based on the info he has brought forward about the Biden family,” Rep. Luna tweeted on her Twitter account.

It seems that the informant is concerned that the Biden family syndicate will remove them from the political scene over the document. This sort of behavior is nothing new for people who fight against high-ranking members of the political class as many whistleblowers have expressed concern for their safety.

It’s even sadder when it’s the President of the United States that is causing someone to do this. When Trump had people attempt to slander him to federal agencies, those individuals were able to openly show their identity and share their case. Now when it comes around for Joe Biden, the same cannot be said.


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