BREAKING: Texas AG Ken Paxton ACQUITTED In Impeachment Trial, Here Are The Details


Justice has prevailed in the state of Texas.

The Texas Senate has just acquitted state attorney general Ken Paxton of all impeachment articles filed against him for “corruption”.

Paxton who has not been shy about his support for President Trump was charged with 16 articles of impeachment that accused Paxton of several accusations such as bribery, corruption, and for being unfitness for office.

Paxton was acquitted after the Texas State Senate was unable to meet the 21-vote threshold that is needed for impeachment.

Every Democrat voted to impeach Paxton and Republicans Senators  Robert Nichols and Kelly Hancock did as well.

The 14 votes however were well short of the 21-vote threshold needed for Paxton to be impeached.

Here’s Paxton’s official statement following the good news:

Here are the two republican senators who flipped on Paxton:

Here’s what Fox News had to share:

The Texas Senate has acquitted state Attorney General Ken Paxton of all impeachment articles filed against him for corruption and unfitness for office.

Though there is bipartisan support for impeachment, votes to convict on each charge did not clear the 21-vote threshold. Republican Sens. Robert Nichols and Kelly Hancock joined all 12 Democrats to vote in favor of conviction on several charges.

The Texas Senate convened at 10:30 a.m. central time Saturday to vote.

The jury of 30 senators, most of whom are Republicans, spent about eight hours deliberating behind closed doors since the Senate ended deliberations. A two-thirds majority was required to convict Paxton on any of 16 articles of impeachment that accuse Paxton of bribery, corruption and unfitness for office.

The vote was a slow, public process. Each article of impeachment received a separate vote. Republicans hold a 19-12 majority in the Senate, meaning that if all Democrats voted to convict Paxton, they needed nine Republicans to join them. At most, they got two.

Here’s what AP reported:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted Saturday of all charges at a historic impeachment trial that divided Republicans over whether to remove a powerful defender of former President Donald Trump after years of scandal and criminal charges.

The verdict reaffirmed Paxton’s durability in America’s biggest red state and is a broader victory for Texas’ hard right after an extraordinary trial that put on display fractures within the GOP nationally heading into the 2024 elections. In the end, Paxton was fully cleared by Senate Republicans, who serve alongside his wife, state Sen. Angela Paxton.

Angela Paxton was not allowed to vote. But she attended all two weeks of the trial, including the reading of the verdict, when all but two of her fellow Republican senators consistently voted to acquit her husband on 16 impeachment articles that accused him of misconduct, bribery and corruption.

Ken Paxton, who was absent for most of the proceedings, did not attend the verdict but issued a triumphant statement immediately after the verdict, blasting his Republican rivals who impeached him in the Texas House in May.


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