BREAKING: Top Analyst Edward Dowd Warns The Globalist Are Planning Something Big To Cover Up Covid Vax Deaths


The good news?

COVID is over and it largely “failed”.

The bad news?

A lot of people died due to the horrors pushed on the American people, and with new people waking up every day to that reality and getting “red pilled”, the questions are NOT going away.

And that means the “People Who Run The World” are going to need a major distraction to cover up the COVID vaxx deaths.

That’s not my opinion, that comes from Edward Dowd, who went on Alex Jones recently to discuss.

Here’s a short bio on Dowd:

Edward Dowd has built a solid reputation in the financial world through his detailed analytical work and forward-thinking insights. Over the years, he has amassed significant experience, working with several esteemed financial institutions.

Edward’s analytical journey showcases a history of successful forecasting and data-driven decision-making strategies. His expertise has led to the publication of multiple research papers that are recognized for their depth and precision, offering valuable insights to the industry.

One of Edward’s standout accomplishments was the development of a predictive model that accurately anticipated market fluctuations in specific sectors. This model, among other projects, had a tangible impact, guiding strategy optimizations for businesses that integrated his findings.

Beyond his core responsibilities, Edward is a regular at industry conferences, where he shares his knowledge and collaborates with other professionals, furthering the reach and scope of financial analytics.

With a mix of professionalism and dedication to producing real-world results, Edward Dowd stands out in the analytical community, renowned for his grounded approach and consistent delivery of impactful analysis.

He says the evidence is incontrovertible, a “total joke” and the biggest fraud he has ever seen.

And he’s not exaggerating.

His research is entirely data-driven, and that’s what I like to cover.

You can’t argue with the data, and he has it all in this interview.

You can watch that interview here:

Backup here:

And one more here:

Here’s Dowd speaking with Dr. Drew on “Sudden Adult Deaths”:

The next “Emergency” is coming, right around the corner….

You can take that to the bank.

Not only do they need to distract from COVID jab deaths, but they also need their 2024 Election event….

Something so big that they can grab control again right in time for voting, allow for voting by mail, dropbox voting, the whole deal.


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