‘Money Is Power’: Tucker Travels To Argentina To Show How ‘Reckless’ Policies Cause Things To ‘Unravel’


Tucker Carlson traveled to Argentina to warn Americans that the U.S. could face the same downfall from “hyperinflation” and “reckless monetary policy.”

Carlson said Argentina went from being one of the wealthiest nations in the world, with cities and culture comparable to Paris, to one of the poorest by devaluing its national currency. “Hyperinflation and reckless monetary policy could soon devastate the global economy. We traveled to Argentina, where it’s already happened,” Carlson wrote to Twitter.

“For politicians, money is power. They always crave more but because they don’t actually produce anything, they’ve got limited ways to get it,” he said.

“Argentina’s leaders have destroyed the country by devaluing its national currency,” Carlson said. “Argentina now has Weimar-like hyperinflation. It takes a brick of bills to buy lunch. Roads and bridges fall apart and nobody can afford to fix them. Things unravel.”

Argentinians told Carlson about the economic agony citizens face on a daily basis in the country. Carlson interviewed a restaurant owner in Buenos Aires, who said the people are “tired” of nothing in the nation being resolved.

The Argentine peso loses 10 percent of its value every month, making citizens poorer by the month, Carlson noted. He said the currency is so inflated, it is not able to buy basic things of value, such as cars.

Co-founder exchanged a $100 bill in U.S. dollars at a “cave” and received a block of pesos. He claimed the government does not provide an accurate exchange rate.

“It’s obviously amusing, but it’s also sad. Imagine if that was your country, this was your national currency and it was like, had the value of home insulation, you know?” Carlson said. “This was your work product. This is what you spent all day working for and this is what you hope to feed your family with and send your kids to school. Buy clothes and it had been rendered worthless by greedy, dishonest pigs running your government and lecturing you about transgenderism, but in the end you were left impoverished and they were left rich. I mean, that’s theft.”

He warned Argentina is an example of a “collapsing” society, where no one can tell the truth and people have lost the motivation to work. The restaurant owner told Carlson it is “cheaper” for citizens not to work due to high income taxes.

Carlson said the country’s leaders are happy with the current condition as young people leave in large numbers. He said those in power “especially” hate presidential candidate Javier Milei, who is strongly against the status quo. Milei has warned the country’s most significant problem is “cultural.”

“Milei’s main observation is that things in Argentina are not working. Socialist monetary policy hasn’t made people happy and secure, it’s wrecked pretty much everything. It’s destroyed economy, and families, and the national spirit. It’s enriched just a few,” Carlson said.

Milei has received strong criticism and been labelled as “rising hysteria” from U.S. corporate media outlets, Carlson said.

“Thankfully for Milei, the working class young people who support him don’t read The Washington Post,” Carlson added.


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