BREAKING: United Airlines Issues Nationwide GROUNDSTOP On All Flights — Possible Cybersecurity Incident?


This is a breaking news alert…

United Airlines has issues a nationwide groundstop of all flights.

Basically, a complete shutdown.

Take a look:

“Unable to contact their dispatch through normal means” would be a major problem:

From John Solomon:

Newsmax reported it may be a cybersecurity incident:

My favorite Tweet I saw on the topic:


Just The News reports the groundstop has now been lifted:

United Airlines on Tuesday lifted a brief nationwide ground stop, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

United requested the ground stop, which was lifted shortly before 2 p.m. EST, the FAA said.

United Airlines stock dropped more than 4% from Tuesday morning shortly after the ground stop was announced.

“We are experiencing a systemwide technology issue and are holding all aircraft at their departure airports. Flights that are already airborne are continuing to their destination as planned,” United said on X shortly before it lifted the ground stop.

ABC News confirms:

United Airlines flights are resuming after a brief nationwide ground stop due to a computer issue, the airline said.

United initially said Tuesday afternoon that it was “experiencing a systemwide technology issue.” Planes on the ground were being held, while flights currently in the air were continuing on their routes as planned, the airline said.

About one hour later, United said the issue was resolved and the ground stop was lifted.

The ground stop delayed 211 flights nationwide.

We’ll continue to monitor the story.


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