BREAKING VIDEO: Trump Speaks After Being Arraigned In D.C.


In a statement delivered in Washington D.C. following his not guilty plea in connection with the January 6th indictment, former President Donald J. Trump lamented what he called a “very sad day for America.” He criticized the current state of Washington, declaring the legal actions against him as political persecution.

“Thank you very much. This is a very sad day for America. And it was also very sad driving through Washington, D.C. and seeing the filth and the decay and all of the broken buildings and walls and the graffiti,” Trump said, painting a bleak picture of the nation’s capital. “This is not the place that I left. It’s a very sad thing to see it.”

The former President’s comments followed his appearance in court, where he pleaded not guilty to charges related to efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump characterized the charges against him as political persecution that have resonated with many of his supporters. “This is a persecution of a political opponent. This was never supposed to happen in America,” he stated, further asserting that he is leading in the Republican primary and against Joe Biden in polls.

“So if you can’t beat him, you persecute him or you prosecute him. We can’t let this happen in America.”


The statement by the former President further fuels the political firestorm surrounding his indictment. Trump’s comments about Washington’s appearance also symbolize a broader decay of infrastructure and leadership.

With Trump’s plea entered, the focus now shifts to the legal battle ahead, a battle that promises to be contentious and fraught with political implications. The case, already remarkable for the high-profile defendant, continues to draw attention for the strong statements from all sides.

Trump concluded his statement with a simple “Thank you very much.”

Earlier this afternoon, Trump pleaded not guilty to the charges laid against him in connection with the events of January 6th.

The first hearing in the case is set for August 28, 2023, at 10 a.m., and will be presided over by Judge Chutkan, according to reports. Judge Upadhyaya notified Trump that should he breach the terms of his release, it would be grounds for issuing an arrest warrant, leading to his possible detention, a standard procedure in arraignments.

On Tuesday former President Donald J. Trump was indicted on four counts as part of the Special Counsel’s investigation into the January 6th Capitol riot.

Earlier today, Trump made a public statement via Truth Social, saying that his impending arrest is an act of honor on behalf of the American people. Ahead of his appearance in D.C., Trump expressed that the persecution against him is part of a larger issue in America.

Trump wrote: “I am now going to Washington, D.C., to be arrested for having challenged a corrupt, rigged, & stolen election. It is a great honor, because I am being arrested for you. Make America Great Again!”

Trump encapsulates an unyielding view that the indictments against him are politically motivated. He also posted, with evident sarcasm: “I NEED ONE MORE INDICTMENT TO ENSURE MY ELECTION!”


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