Chaos in Court: Aileen Cannon’s Trump Hearing Suddenly Erupts Into Shouting


Shouting ensued during a Wednesday hearing before U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon in the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump.

According to reports from inside the courtroom in southern Florida, the disorder took place during a hearing for one of Trump’s two co-defendants, Walt Nauta, who argued before the court that the Department of Justice (DOJ) had vindictively charged him and that the indictment should be dismissed.

The former president is facing 40 felony counts, accused by federal prosecutors of mishandling and withholding classified documents that he took from the White House upon leaving office. Nauta, Trump’s longtime aide, is accused of moving boxes of sensitive materials to prevent federal agents from retrieving them.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Nauta’s attorney, Stanley Woodward, got into a heated exchange with prosecutors over a meeting that took place in August 2022. Woodward alleged that he was pressured in the meeting by a member of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team to encourage Nauta to cooperate with the DOJ investigation. According to Woodward’s account, Smith’s prosecutor, Jay Bratt, insinuated that his appointment to the D.C. Superior Court could be negatively affected if Nauta did not cooperate.

The allegation was met with an adamant rejection from prosecutor David Harbach, who, according to CNN’s report, rose from the prosecution side and called Woodward’s story a “garbage argument.”

“Mr. Woodward’s story of what happened at that meeting is a fantasy,” Harbach reportedly shouted while banging his hand on the table in front of him. “It did not happen.”


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