Why is the government of Hawaii doing everything it can to suppress video and photographic evidence of ground zero in Lahaina?

WLTR has covered numerous reports of locals claiming that the government in Hawaii is covering up the truth about what really happened, why else would they pursue criminal action against journalists and filmmakers?

One such journalist was James O’Keefe, who attempted to get answers on the Lahaina disaster and the aftermath of the worst wildfire in modern American history.

What O’Keefe encountered when he arrived in Lahaina was nothing short of the media blackout we had reported on in the weeks following the disaster.

After his treatment at the hands of Hawaiian officials and what he witnessed on the ground, he filed a lawsuit against the government of Hawaii for their infringement of First Amendment rights.

O’Keefe recently announced on the X social media platform, formerly known as Twitter:

“James O’Keefe and Attorney Mike Yoder have filed a lawsuit against [the] Hawaii Governor to invalidate the criminalization of protected First Amendment activity.

Yoder’s mission is twofold: End the suppression of electronic media and eliminate criminal provisions against free speech. It’s all about preserving land and liberty and if the government isn’t kept in check, they can go unhinged.”

According to The Epoch Times:

The case stems from an incident which took place around Sept. 1 when journalist James O’Keefe and a second individual, identified as John Doe in the lawsuit, took photographs along the bypass between Kihei and Lahaina in Maui.

“Despite John Doe’s well-established First Amendment right to report on matters of public concern, Maui County, by and through its Sheriff’s Department (MCSD), criminally charged John Doe for his journalism.”

The investigative journalist attempted to provide coverage of the incident in Lahaina when he was met with law enforcement officials who attempted to block him from filming.

O’Keefe reports: “Maui police and sheriffs tell Journalists Governor has prohibited photography on public land. Hawaii National Guard says Maui police and Sheriffs are “assholes” who are “puffing chests.”

OMG files lawsuit against Hawaii Gov to invalidate the criminalization of protected First Amendment activity and to also strip Maui County of any ability to criminally charge anyone who exercises their First Amendment rights.”

Fox News provided background information on the Maui wildfire:

­In a public service announcement on Sunday, Aug. 13, Hawaii Gov. Josh Green said the Lahaina wildfire claimed at least 93 lives, destroyed more than 2,700 structures and caused $5.6 billion in damage, according to estimates at the time.


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