Did Tucker Carlson Just Reveal Michelle Obama Is Really Big Mike?


It has been long rumored that former President Barrack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama is actually a man.

Barrack Obama’s own brother Malik Obama has even hinted Michelle could be a man.

Now Tucker Carlson is even hinting something strange is up with Obama’s sexuality.

In Tucker’s second ever Twitter show, Tucker stated it’s very clear Obama has a very strange and creepy personal life.

Watch him say it here:

Per Trending Politics:

In the second episode of “Tucker On Twitter,” Tucker Carlson, once again stirred up the conversation. This time about transparency. In his new episode titled “Cling To Your Taboos!” Carlson openly discussed former President Barack Obama’s personal life, leading many to speculate about what he meant.

Carlson explained, “By 2008, it was obvious to anybody who was paying attention that Barack Obama had a strange and highly creepy personal life. Yet nobody ever asked him about it.”

“By that point, a leader’s behavior within his own marriage, the core relationship of his life, had been declared irrelevant. It was Barack Obama’s business, not yours,” Carlson finished.

Watch Tucker’s full show here:

This is FAR from the first time we’ve heard this.


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