Disturbing Updates On Creepy “Balloons” and “UFOs” Raining Down On The USA Right Now…


What on earth is going on at the moment? It’s starting to feel as if we’re under some kind of attack, doesn’t it? It started off with the China balloon that Joe refused to shoot down for days, and it’s just gone off the rails from there.

Now, it’s not just balloons, it’s giant “UFOs” floating around in the skies above us. And you can thank Biden for this. The US is perceived as so weak and feeble, thanks to the pudding-brains currently occupying the White House and turning it into a memory care facility. We’re now fair game for shenanigans and attacks.

Do you think any of this would be happening under President Trump?

The answer is a resounding NO.

Here’s what we know so far about what is happening in our not-so-friendly skies…

From Reuters:

WASHINGTON/OTTAWA, Feb 11 (Reuters) – A U.S. F-22 fighter jet shot down an unidentified cylindrical object over Canada on Saturday, the second such instance in as many days, as North America appeared on edge following a week-long Chinese spying balloon saga that drew the global spotlight.

Separately, the U.S. military also scrambled fighter jets in Montana to investigate a radar anomaly that triggered a brief federal closure of airspace.

“Those aircraft did not identify any object to correlate the radar hits,” the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said in a statement.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau first announced Saturday’s shootdown over the northern Yukon territory, saying Canadian forces would recover and analyze the wreckage.

Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand declined to speculate about the origin of the object, which she said was cylindrical in shape.

She stopped short of calling it a balloon but said it was smaller than the Chinese balloon shot down off South Carolina’s coast a week ago, though similar in appearance.

Aloft at 40,000 feet (12,200 m), it posed a risk to civilian air traffic and was shot down at 3:41 EST (2041 GMT), she added.

“There is no reason to believe that the impact of the object in Canadian territory is of any public concern,” Anand told a news conference.

I love how these so-called “experts and officials” come out and immediately tell us there’s no risk…how do they know, when they don’t even know what the heck is going on?

I am so sick of these liar….

Here’s a time line of what’s been going on:

Update on the UFO’s shot down! 1. Feb4th – Chinese Spy Balloon – Shot down! 2. Feb 10th – UFO Alaska Silver , size of small car – no propulsion & interfered with pilots systems. – Shot Down! 3. Feb 11th – UFO Canada – Shot down today. 4. Feb 11th – UFO Montana – jets scrambled

The Montana situation was very scary.

From Daily Mail:

A Montana congressman said on Saturday night that he had been told an unidentified object was spotted over his district, forcing the temporary closure of airspace – and the search for it would resume at daylight.

Matt Rosendale, a Republican elected in 2020, said he had been briefed by the Department of Defense, while he was at a Lincoln Reagan dinner.

Fighter jets were scrambled and airspace above Havre, a town of 10,000 people, 30 miles south of the Canadian border, was shut at 7:50pm before being reopened about 50 minutes later.

‘I’m at an event, a Lincoln Reagan dinner in Columbus, Montana right now,’ Rosendale told Fox News.

‘And DOD called me as I have been sitting here and started giving me briefings to tell me what was going on.

‘I clarified with them that this is actually the fourth balloon, OK.’

And what the heck was floating around in Alaska?


Also, just last month there were bizarre green lasers spotted in Hawaii. “Experts” think they were from a Chinese “weather satellite.”

Sure, bet…

From New York Daily News:

Astronomers in Japan believe green laser-lights spotted over Hawaii last month were beamed down by a Chinese weather satellite.

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan posted video online of a string of lights in the sky filmed by a camera atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s tallest mountain on Jan. 28. The organization’s researchers said NASA’s ICESAT-2 satellite’s topographic laser, used to monitor sea ice and forests, was responsible for the light show.

But NOAJ added a correction to its YouTube post saying their satellite wasn’t the cause of lasers over Hawaii, Vice noted this week. Rather, “the most likely candidate,” according to the updated video, was a Chinese Daqi-1/AEMS satellite launched last year. It’s used to track nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone, as well as carbon dioxide” the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said in a 2021 press release.


And in closing, I would just like to leave you with this very apropos meme:


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