Does President Trump Look Worried To You?


A question I have asked frequently in the past year is: “Does President Trump look worried to you?”

I like to use him as a barometer for how the war is going….

What war you ask?

Not the Ukraine war…

Not the Israeli/Gaza war…

But the Propaganda War!

And the Lawfare War!

Are we winning or losing?

So I ask a simple question: Does President Trump himself look worried or bothered?

And every time I look, I see a man who is calm and confident, who is acting like he has already won and no one else has figured it out yet.

Here’s the latest….

Here’s a zoom in the post so you can see it better:

Pretty incredible when you think of it.

First of all, you have President Trump sitting next to Jesus (or vice versa).

Little Brian Krassen mocked it on Twitter, which is no big surprise, saying what do these two have in common?

To which I responded: both were unfairly prosecuted by a rogue and out of control government!  A lot!

Also, I have said this many times but I believe the only reason Trump still stands after 8 years of everything they’re thrown at him is because he is being upheld by the Mighty Right Hand of God.

No other explanation makes sense.

No, he’s not perfect….

Certainly not.

But I believe he was placed here and is being sustained for such a time as this!

And then you have the picture below of a President Trump in great spirits surrounded by police supporting him.

The picture could not be any clearer.

So….does President Trump look worried to you?

Me either.

Here is more, from the last time I asked this question:

Does President Trump Look Worried To You?

I just have to ask one question, and it’s a serious one.

Because I think this one question answers all of the others…

All of the others like, are the white hats in control or the black hats?

Is Trump coming back into office?

Is Trump secretly the CIC right now?

And the question is a simple one:

“Does President Trump look worried to you?”

You know, kind of like the age-old question from Dirty Harry….Do you feel lucky, punk?

So, now I ask you….

Does Trump LOOK worried to you?

Does he?


The man with the entire Deep State coming after him…

The weight of the world seemingly on his shoulders…

Ostensibly mounting a comeback to the White House…

Single-handedly trying to save America from an inside coup…

And does he look worried…at all?

Or is he quite literally dancing on air?

Check this out:

You know what it tells me, it tells me that this is a man who knows he has already won.

That’s what I see when I see videos like this or when I listen to him speak.

There is a serious-as-a-heart-attack tone in his voice….

There is laser focus…

There is a mean streak that is soon to be unleashed that will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in Washington as Trump unveils the most epic counter-punch in history….

But there is no fear.

There is no doubt.

There is no consideration that he might lose.

I don’t see any of that.

I see a man who is likely already holding all the cards and is just waiting for the exact right time to play them.

I know it’s taken longer than we all wanted, but now we quite literally have evidence out there of Joe Biden himself taking a $5 million and a $10 million bribe from other countries.

The CCP!

That had to come out on its own.

It couldn’t be Trump in office TELLING America about it.

It had to come out by other sources.

We’ve also seen how bad the Deep State can destroy America in just 3 years.

That had to be seen.

People had to witness it, live through it.

But soon I think President Trump plays his TRUMP CARD.

There’s a lot from 2020 that people forget, but I haven’t.

Remember when it was rumored that the White Hats raided that server farm in Frankfurt, Germany and the rumor was that Trump won with 410 Electoral Votes?

I remember.

I think we may see that data again.

And a lot more.

Have you noticed how President Trump keeps telling us he won by a LOT more in 2020 than he did in 2016?

Why does he keep saying that?

Because we’re about to see the receipts?

Folks, I think you’re about to witness one of the greatest endings to a story you’ve ever seen….

And I base that on the body language I read when I watch President Trump.

Call it a hunch…

Call it body language reading…

Call it intuition…

Call it my gut feeling…

But I’ve been doing this a LONG time and my gut isn’t wrong too often.


Pres. Trump To Brett Baier: “I Won 2020 By A LOT, Ok?”

President Trump gave an exclusive interview to Brett Baier today and it was wild!

I have so many clips to show you but I have to start with the bombshell.

Watch here:

He’s exactly right.

So sad to see Brett Baier pushing the company line….

Baier says: “there were recounts Mr. President!”

What kind of nonsense is that?

Recounting a cheated, stolen election will still get you a cheated, stolen result!

You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure that out Brett.

Wise up bud.

Then they covered the phony Presidential Records case:

Then it went deep:

Then Trump’s family came up:

And I’m sure this was just a coincidence….


Is Trump still in charge?

He hinted at it SEVERAL times in these clips.

Biden being “supposedly” in charge….

The number 17 brought up again….

Saying point-blank he won 2020.

Is he telling us what’s really happening?

The end of the movie about to play out?


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