DON’T MISS THIS: Tucker Drops New Episode With Special Guest


Tucker Carlson interviewed Javier Milei a man Tucker believes will be Argentina’s next president.

In the sit-down interview, Milei explained how socialists are at war with the fundamental ideas of freedom.

Milei would share “Everywhere and always, socialism is a violent, murderous, and impoverishing phenomenon.”

At one point in the interview, Milei even took a shot at the Pope and said the Pope is on the side of murderous dictators.

Watch the full episode here:

Per The Buenos Aires Herald:

Tucker Carlson, former Fox News host and television personality, sat down with far-right presidential candidate Javier Milei for an interview in his series “Tucker on X” published on Thursday.

The interview gave the libertarian economist ample space to express his views on a wide range of topics — such as inflation, “gender ideology,” climate change, and prayer — which were framed as a war between socialism and “the ideas of freedom.” Milei also made a strong reference to Pope Francis, whom he accused of showing an “affinity for dictators.”

“The Pope is a political player who has shown to have an affinity for dicators like [Raúl] Castro or [Nicolás] Maduro. He has shown himself to be on the side of bloody dictatorships. An affinity for murderous communists. In fact, he doesn’t condemn them,” said Milei, adding that the Pope has also been “very forgiving with the Venezuelan dictatorship.”

“He is forgiving of everyone who is left-wing, even when they’re real criminals.”

Milei also said that the Pope defends social justice, and that that is “complicated.”

“Social justice means stealing the fruit of one person’s labor and giving it to another. So, first of all, that’s robbery […] Justifying social justice means defending robbery,” said Milei, who also took aim at socialism.

“Everywhere and always, socialism is a violent, murderous, and impoverishing phenomenon,” said Milei, who founded the far-right coalition La Libertad Avanza (LLA).

Milei’s definition of socialism includes the governments of China, Russia and Brazil — which he would sever ties with if elected — but also social movements and scientific theories: Black Lives Matter, the concept of climate change, ”the LGBT lobby” and “radical feminism,” to name a few. The Pope also made the list of supporters of what Milei called a “socialist, post-Marxist agenda.”

Here was Elon Musk’s reaction to the interview:

Fox News had these details to share about Milei:

In a nation as famed for its beef, wine, tango and economic mismanagement, the iconoclastic libertarian Javier Milei has sent shivers down the spines of the Argentine left and center-right alike since his surprising first-place showing in last month’s primary elections.

Although he rejects the term, there is no denying Trumpian elements in the anti-establishment rage that is fueling the shocking rise of the Argentine congressman to the status of front-runner in the South American nation’s Oct. 22 presidential election.

Milei has stoked controversy and debate by calling for proposals long considered beyond the bounds of polite Argentine society: affording the citizenry the right to bear arms, ending the Argentine central bank, dollarizing the economy, and allowing the right to legally sell human organs.

A former frontman of a classic rock band with an outrageous mane of hair, he has also been waging a verbal war with fellow Argentine, Pope Francis, who he has described as someone “who preaches Communism.”


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