Embarrassment: Biden Rubs His Forehead On Pope Francis In Extremely Bizarre Moment


Pope Francis attended the G7 Summit in Italy this year. He is the first pontiff to address G7 leaders.

“The holy scriptures say that God gave to human beings his spirit in order for them to have wisdom, intelligence and knowledge in all kinds of tasks,” the pope said. “Science and technology are therefore extraordinary products of the potential which is active in us human beings.”

Joe Biden had an awkward encounter with the Pope on Friday.

The wheelchair-bound Pope extended his hand to say hello to Joe Biden and that is when he went for an awkward forehead-to-forehead greeting.

Was Biden trying to sniff the pope?

Excerpt from PBS:

Pope Francis is no stranger to artificial intelligence: a deepfake photo of him in a white puffer jacket went viral last year. But his concerns about AI go far beyond an unflattering shot and are now taking center stage at the Group of Seven summit.

Francis will address G7 leaders on Friday at their annual gathering in southern Italy — a first for a pope. He intends to use the occasion to join the chorus of countries and global bodies pushing for stronger guardrails on AI following the boom in generative artificial intelligence kickstarted by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot.

The Argentine pope used his annual peace message this year to call for an international treaty to ensure AI is developed and used ethically. He argues that a technology lacking human values of compassion, mercy, morality and forgiveness is too perilous to develop unchecked.

Meloni invited Francis and announced his participation, knowing the potential impact of his star power and moral authority on the G7. The pope’s presence is expected to underscore broadly shared concerns about AI that touches on Francis’ own priorities about peace and social justice.


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