Far-Left Congressman Makes Threat Against President Trump “He Has To Be Eliminated”


Far-left congressman Rep. Dan Goldman spoke with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki on MSNBC, where he said President Trump “Has to be eliminated.”

Watch the clip here:

It’s ironic that Rep. Goldman spoke about President Trump’s dangerous rhetoric and then began talking about the need to eliminate him.

Leftists are too far up their own behind that they never see the blatant hypocrisy of their statements.

Goldman seems to be a bit unhinged after his party decided to trash his office because he is Jewish.

That’s right, just a few days prior, his office was trashed by pro-Palestine protestors because he is Jewish.

Yet, he has the gall to attack President Trump for dangerous rhetoric?

The New York Post shares more on that story here:

Rep. Dan Goldman’s Brooklyn office was defaced Thursday night with pro-Palestinian graffiti that read “Blood on ur [sic] hands,” “free Palestine,” and “let Gaza live.”

The slogans were spray painted by at least two suspects on the facade of the Jewish Democrat’s Park Slope district office and on the sidewalk out front, photos on social media show.

“This is what [Rep. Goldman] & staff confronted when they showed up to work today,” tweeted a fellow Brooklyn Democratic official, Doug Schneider, who shared the photos.

“It is a direct result of his speaking out against anti-Semitism & supporting Israel’s right to self-defense. Defacing his office is not a form of protest, it is a deplorable crime.”

NYPD officers were already on the scene when the first Goldman staffer arrived at the building at around 8:50 a.m. Friday, a spokesperson for the lawmaker told the Jewish Telegraph Agency.

The building’s security cameras captured at least two people vandalizing the building, but the perps covered the camera with a plastic bag, making the images unclear, Goldman’s office told the outlet.

“Our office is accessible 24/7 by appointment, phone, social media, email, or mail, and our incredible constituent services team works around the clock to respond to outreach. Harassing, intimidating, and outright attacking the staff of a Jewish elected official at a time of rising violence and rampant antisemitism is dangerous and unacceptable.” Simone Kanter, the lawmaker’s communications director, told The Post in a statement.

This happens when your party supports radical ideologies like those on the left.

Democrats have buried themselves too deep and are far too stubborn to admit that their party is now full of leftist extremists that spout the anti-Semitic rhetoric that they claimed President Trump’s base spoke of.


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