HISTORIC! Judge Sounds The Alarm On Voting Machines—Sets Court Date


Wow, in all my years covering this, I never thought I would see the day—this is major and it cannot be understated.

For years we have seen election challenge after election challenge denied. More specifically, any question regarding the vulnerabilities and cybersecurity issues with voting machines has been shut down without further inquiry.

This is despite mountains of evidence from numerous audits and cybersecurity firms confirming what many plaintiffs have alleged.

However, that all changed with Judge Amy Totenberg’s latest 135-page ruling.

Judge Totenberg said that the plaintiffs in Curling v. Raffensperger, a case demanding a switch from electronic voting machines to a paper ballot system, are far from conspiracy theorists and that their claims carry weight and evidence.

According to Becker News, the Judge also stated that “there is sufficient reason to believe that the electronic voting machines used by the State of Georgia have substantial flaws.”

Just The News reports:

The footnote to that summary by the judge reads, “The Court notes that the record evidence does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety.

Indeed, some of the nation’s leading cybersecurity experts and computer scientists have provided testimony and affidavits on behalf of Plaintiffs’ case in the long course of this litigation.”

Cari Kelemen pointed out: “Georgia lawsuit alleging weakness in Dominion voting machines is set for trial. In the map below, the yellow dots represent where Dominion machines are in use. Look at Georgia.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution added:

Totenberg said she won’t order Georgia to use hand-marked paper ballots, even if the plaintiffs prevail during the trial set to begin Jan. 9.

She said it’s not within her power to mandate a new statewide voting system that would replace equipment manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems.


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