HOW IS THIS LEGAL? New TV Show Has Naked Adults In New “Kids Show”


We’ve hit a new low, ladies and gentlemen!

A new low of filth on TV and filth in society.

Didn’t think it could be done?

“Hold my beer” says Danish TV channel DR Ultra who is promoting the new show.

As these freaks from the Deep State always do it, they pitch it under the guise of something positive: promoting positive body image.

Give me a freaking break!

Is this ok with you?

Watch here (bad parts blurred out):

This takes the cake for crazy.

— Daniel (spread truth & hope + expose THE SWAMP) (@DanielEssential) May 1, 2021

From the NY Times:

“OK, children, does anyone have a question?” the TV show’s host, Jannik Schow, asked. Only a few in the audience of 11- to 13-year-olds raised their hands. “Remember, you can’t do anything wrong,” he said. “There are no bad questions.”

You can’t blame the children if their thoughts were elsewhere. On a stage before them in a heated studio in Copenhagen stood five adults in bathrobes. There was a brief moment of silence, as faces turned serious. Having discussed it for days before in school, the children knew what was coming next. Mr. Schow gave a little nod, and the adults cast off their robes.

Facing the children, and the cameras, they stood completely naked, like statues, with their hands and arms folded behind their backs.

And so began a recording of the latest episode of an award-winning Danish children’s program, “Ultra Strips Down,” which is shown on Ultra, the on-demand children’s channel of the national broadcaster, DR. The topic today: skin and hair.

The show’s producers say the program is meant as an educational tool to fight body shaming and encourage body positivity. And so first reluctantly, later enthusiastically, the children from the Orestad School in Copenhagen asked the adults questions like: “At what age did you grow hair on the lower part of your body?” “Do you consider removing your tattoos?” “Are you pleased with your private parts?”

One of the adults, Martin, answered that he had never had “negative thoughts” about his private parts. Another adult, also named Martin, admitted that when he was young he had worried about size. “But the relationship with myself has changed over time,” he said.

With serious looks on their faces, the children nodded.

The program is now in its second season, and while perhaps a shock to non-Danes, it is highly popular in Denmark. Recently, however, a leading member of the right-wing Danish People’s Party, Peter Skaarup, said he found “Ultra Strips Down” to be “depraving our children.”

“It is far too early for children” to start with male and female genitalia, he told B.T., a Danish tabloid. At that age, he said, they “already have many things running around in their heads.”

“They have to learn it at the right time,” he added, saying this information should be presented by parents or schools “so that it is not delivered in this vulgar way, as the children’s channel does.”
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For the most part, though, Danes have long been comfortable with nudity, at public beaches, for instance.

Mr. Schow, 29, who helped develop the concept of the show after a producer came up with the idea, said the point was also to counter the daily bombardment of young people with images of perfect — unrealistic — bodies. The adults are not actors, but volunteers.

“Perhaps some people are like, ‘Oh, my God, they are combining nakedness and kids,’” Mr. Schow said. “But this has nothing to do with sex, it’s about seeing the body as natural, the way kids do.”

And from The Mirror:

Danish television series Ultra Strips Down has recieved backlash for adult nudity in front of children.

The award-winning Danish series sees naked adults shown to 11 to 13-year-old children to “promote body positivity and combat body-shaming”, according to the New York Times.

Airing on Danish channel DR Ultra, the show seeks to break down ideas surrounding conventional body types and processes.

In a recent episode, five adults disrobed to show their naked bodies to the children in a bid to answer questions surrounding skin and hair on the body.

One child asked: “At what age did you grow hair on the lower part of your body?”

“Do you consider removing your tattoos?,” questions another.

Meanwhile, another child asks: “Are you pleased with your private parts?”

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The show won Best Children’s Programme at the Danish TV Festival, with Denmark carrying much less cultural taboos surrounding nudity and the human body compared to other western countries.

However, after a clip of the series went viral on Facebook, a backlash has come about due to the show’s content.

One person wrote on Twitter: “The Danish “children’s” show, “Ultra Strips Down”, claims it teaches kids about body types by having ADULTS STRIP NAKED right before their eyes! The assault on children is real, it’s global and it’s intentional. #ProtectChildren “.

A different Twitter user wrote: “sure sounds depraved.”

Meanwhile, here are the ages of the kids on the show:

This ok with you?


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