Hunter Biden’s Having an Emotional Meltdown Right Now — Finally Admits “Laptop From Hell” is His


Well, I guess it wasn’t “Russian Disinformation” after all, eh? The 50-something-year-old crackhead son of Joe Biden is having a meltdown.

The pressure has gotten to him, and he’s now lashing out like a toddler over the laptop from hell, which Hunter NOW admits is his. And now, he’s threatening to sue everyone and their brother, for expoing what a perverted, disgusting criminal he and his father is, to the world.

The New York Post reported that first son Hunter Biden’s lawyers admitted late Wednesday that the infamous laptop the now-52-year-old abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop in the throes of his crack cocaine addiction does indeed belong to him.

The revelation came in a petulant letter from Hunter’s lawyers seeking a criminal probe into what they called, attempts to “weaponize” its contents.

In the 14-page letter to Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings, Biden attorney Abbe Lowell claimed that repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac “unlawfully” accessed Hunter’s laptop data and worked with former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to “weaponize” sordid and incriminating contents on it against Joe Biden.

“This failed dirty political trick directly resulted in the exposure, exploitation, and manipulation of Mr. Biden’s private and personal information,” Lowell wrote.

“Mr. Mac Isaac’s intentional, reckless, and unlawful conduct allowed for hundreds of gigabytes of Mr. Biden’s personal data, without any discretion, to be circulated around the Internet.”

Mac Isaac took possession of the laptop and hard drive late in 2019 after trying and failing for months to notify Hunter that the device was ready to be picked up. Once the shop owner saw the laptop’s contents — including emails detailing influence-peddling involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and videos of the younger Biden smoking crack and having sex with prostitutes and his work subordinates — he alerted the FBI.

By the way, do you notice a “theme” with the Biden boys – they never take responsibility for what THEY did. It’s always, always somebody else’s fault. It’s truly disgusting.

The piece goes on to say: Lowell’s letter singles out Mac Isaac, Giuliani, Costello, former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon, former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler, Bannon associate Jack Maxey, and founder and CEO of cyber analytics firm XRVision and former aide to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) Yaacov Apelbaum as parties who gained unauthorized access to the laptop’s contents and disseminated it to the media and lawmakers.

“We believe that the facts and circumstances merit further investigation as to whether the conduct of Messrs. Mac Isaac, Costello, Giuliani, Bannon, Ziegler, Maxey, and Apelbaum violated several provisions of Delaware’s criminal code – including, but not necessarily limited to, computer-related property offenses … theft … possession of stolen property … and misapplication of another’s property … Each of these offenses, if violated, has the potential to be a felony, depending on the value of the property in question,” Lowell writes.

Letters were also sent by Hunter Biden’s lawyer on Wednesday to the Justice Department’s National Security Division and the IRS.

Of course, this is a desperate “Hail Mary” being thrown right before Congress begins their investigation into the Biden boys and their crooked business dealings.

And ya gotta wonder, is Joe Biden going to come out and apologize to the American people for lying, and claiming the “laptop” was “Russian disinformation”?

Don’t hold your breath…


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