Is Joe Biden…Dead?


Ok, ok….calm down.

Yes, I’m here reporting on FACTS.

Yes, that headline is a bit aggressive, but I’m prepared to back it up.

Ok, so can we all take a big deep breath before we dive in?


…and let it out…..

Ok, good!

Now let’s get serious.

Because longtime readers of WLTReport know I don’t run any of that nonsense here how Hillary and Biden and all the rest are all dead, executed at Gitmo, and replaced by Clones.

Sorry, I’m not running that story.

But I *DO* report on facts and I do report on things that just don’t quite make sense.

And that’s what this article is about.

So holler and scream if you want, and put as many comments down below that you want, but I’m going to peel back the onion and we’re going to just put some of this on the table and see what YOU think…

So here is a guy I like and who I’ve covered before many times, Derek Johnson.

Here is Derek pointing out a couple things….three, in fact.

First: why did Joe Biden’s signature change (that’s true and that’s a confirmed fact).

Second: why did his face change?  Just look at his damn face man, is that the same guy?

Third: remember the 3 Cannon salute Biden received?  That is a Military Funeral.

I’m going to dig deep into each of those three topics and while I can’t say if the real Joseph Robinette Biden is alive or dead, I will say each one of these is supported strongly in fact.

So eventually, how many do you need to see before you realize something is wrong?  Something is very, very wrong here?

Let’s do the 3 Cannon salute first.

It turns out a Presidential Inauguration is a Military Funeral Salute are VERY similar.

But different.

Take a look:

I actually covered this extensively back in January of 2021:

Joe Biden Did NOT Get a 21-Gun Salute, He Got The Salute For Funerals and Visiting Foreign Dignitaries!

This is REALLY interesting….

My friend Daniel posted this today:

[Tweet Deleted]

And here’s a zoom in so you can read that better:

I didn’t know much about it and I don’t like to publish things unless I can confirm them myself, so I started looking into it and I found it appears to be 100% true!

Now I know we have a lot of military that read WeLoveTrump, and this is only based on the research I can find, so I’d love to hear from some experts to know if you agree or disagree.

But here’s what I’m seeing…

From Wikipedia:

Today, a 21-gun salute is rendered on the arrival and departure of the President of the United States; it is fired in concordance with four ruffles and flourishes, which are immediately followed by “Hail to the Chief”—the actual gun salute begins with the first ruffle and flourish, and ‘run long’ (i.e. the salute concludes after “Hail to the Chief” has ended). A 21-gun salute is also rendered to former U.S. Presidents, foreign Heads of State (or members of a reigning royal family), as well as to Presidents-elect. In such a ceremony, the national anthem of the visiting dignitary’s country is played, following the salute.


A gun salute is not to be confused with the three-volley salute often rendered at military funerals.

Ok, so here is the salute Biden and Harris got:

Backup on Rumble:

That sure does look like THREE cannons to me, not FOUR.

And they are firing in slow, 10-second delay, succession.

That is definitely not four guns firing in rapid succession.

Here’s what people were saying online (and then scroll down to see the Salute Trump got):

So….what should it have looked like?

Well, here is what Trump got in 2017.

It looks a LOT different:

Backup on Rumble:

Of course you immediately notice FOUR cannons, not three.

And they are firing one right after the other, not a slow 10 second delay.

Here is another one for Trump:

So what does all of this mean?

Is it because the Military does not respect Biden?

Does not view him as their rightful president?

Or perhaps signaling the upcoming “funeral” of his so-called presidency?

Or perhaps implying he is not the head of the United States and more closely related to, oh I don’t know….China?

Or….all of the above?

If you have expertise in this area, comment below and let me know if this is accurate.

Now let’s go to #2 — why did his signature change?

Because it DID change.

Take a look:

Why Did Joe Biden’s Signature Change?

Got a very interesting FACT CHECK for you…

Actually, what’s interesting is the complete lack of a Fact-Check on this one by the MSM.

Maybe even those lying bastards couldn’t figure out a lie to explain away this one?

I’d better calm down, I’m already getting fired up and I’m only 4 sentences in to this article…

So the explanation here is pretty simple.

It’s something we’ve covered before but since no explanation has been given it seems like a good idea to cover it again and get some more attention on this.

Why did Joe Biden’s signature dramatically change after he was (s)Elected President?

Here’s what I mean:

More here:

And one more here:

Don’t just trust the Internet or Twitter, go check it out for yourself.

Just do this:

Some speculate that “Dr” Jill Biden is writing his name for him:

But here’s what I find really interesting about all of it…

I expected there would be the standard list of MSM “Fact Checks” on the topic but surprisingly I found almost none.

Definitely none from the usual suspects.

I found this from, which claims to be written by a human being but is so jumbled and confusing I am not sure even what it’s saying other than it’s definitely not true and something about Biden having acid reflux:

Biden’s signature matches his signature available on his website.

Biden’s signature matches his signature available on his website.A recent video by RedPill78 claims that a pharmacist from Missouri told him that none of President Joe Biden’s executive orders had been posted on the Federal Register. When he looked a couple of days, some executive orders had been published, and he noticed that Biden’s signatures looked forged. He further states that Biden was probably embarrassed by his shaky signature since he has mid to late-stage dementia and that his wife, Jill Biden, signs for him on legal documents. In the video, the narrator also claims that Jill Biden is his “handler” or “minder”. RedPill78 is a major QAnon influencer known for spreading disinformation and misinformation and is known for making wild claims without evidence. Twitter suspended RedPill78’s account in October 2020. The claims made in this video are also not true. In a video posted on January 20, Biden’s first day in office, we can see Biden signing an executive order. His hand is not shaking, and Jill Biden is not there to help Biden sign any executive orders. Moreover, all of Biden’s executive orders, which he has signed at the time of writing, are available on the Federal Register, and the signatures match perfectly with his signature available on his campaign website. Logically has previously debunked the claim that Biden has dementia, and Biden’s medical records released during the 2020 presidential campaigns (December 2019) reveal that he is healthy and fit to execute the duties as President of the United States. It mentioned that Biden is taking medication only for acid reflux, cholesterol, and seasonal allergies.

Uhhh, I don’t know about you but that’s not very convincing to me.

Thanks anyway though LAI!

The only other one I could find was from something called “Misbar” and they also concluded it was definitely not true and to them the signatures look very similar (huh?):

The Claim

President Joe Biden’s signature on executive orders is different from his official signature, thus proving that there are two Bidens.

The claim went viral following Biden’s inauguration.

Misbar’s Analysis

On every executive order, the president signs his signature. As executive orders can be found and read by the public, many people read them and see Biden’s signature. One such person compared Joe Biden’s signature on Wikipedia to his signature on executive orders (the online encyclopedia has signatures of people of note). The “B,” which some people speculate is the smoking gun, is less choppy in the executive order – thus they are signed by two different people. A few of these people said that there may be “two Bidens.”

It’s unclear exactly what “two Bidens” means, but we’ve written about a similar clone theory before and found it false. We won’t speculate about what else two Bidens implies.

Misbar’s investigation found that the two signatures don’t really look that different. Joe Biden’s signatures on executive orders looks a little simpler, which is probably due to him having signed quite a few executive orders already. He may have used a different pen to write his official published signature, or spent more care making it look nice. There are also plenty of videos showing Biden signing executive orders.

This is, of course, speculation, but there’s nonetheless no reason to assume that a slight change in style means that there are two Bidens.

Misbar’s Classification


Ok, so they’ve labeled it “Commotion”….whatever that means.

Not convincing to me, how about you?

I’m not here to tell you there are “Two Bidens” or that one is a Clone.

I’m not going there, I don’t know.

I am here to tell you I have two functioning eyeballs and those signatures to MY eyes don’t look anything alike.

I also have a functioning brain.

How about you?

Alright, now let’s do #3 — why does Biden himself look so different?

And it’s not just aging.

In many respects he looks BETTER now.

What is going on?

Ears are different.

Face is different.

Look for yourself:

@seekeroftruth36 Definitely not the same person #joebiden #donaldtrump ♬ original sound – Cherri

And what’s up with this?

@vanzemalac Replying to @sodapop_13 Joe Biden early 2000s / 2021 🤩 #DuplaFace #foryou #fyp #fy #joebiden #joebiden2020 #beforeandafter #transformation #capcut #edit #viral #trend ♬ son original – 69%

And I guess we have to talk about this too….

Did you see this recently?

The Actor Playing Joe Biden Just Revealed His Mask?

Yes, we’re going there….

No, I have never ascribed to the theory that all these people are dead, executed at GITMO, and actors and body doubles are playing them.

I haven’t seen the evidence for that.

But I HAVE seen some evidence that very sophisticated masks do exist and I just saw some major new evidence about the Biden mask tonight.

So I’m sharing with you.

And you can make your own decision after you see this….

Judge for yourself!

A new video is going absolutely viral after the Biden mask seems to be exposed.

Take a look for yourself:

And check out that thumb too!

Do you know any thumbs that look like this?

More here:

The most complex military campaign in history?

Who is under there?

Some literally believe it is Jim Carrey:

Now to everyone who thinks this is too crazy, I respectfully suggest you simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

Have you seen this?

If they can do it with Eli Manning on the football field, what do you think they can do with a sedentary Joe Biden?

Oh, and is this the reason Joe always “calls a lid” by 9am?

Do they need to limit the exposure of time in the mask?

Suddenly starts to make a lot of sense, right?

Just read this and try and tell me it’s not possible…..I dare ya!

NEW VIDEO: Fake Joe Biden Mask Exposed?

The Actor Playing Joe Biden Just Revealed His Mask?


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