VIDEO: Actor Playing Joe Biden Body Double Caught Walking To Car Without Secret Service Protection?


File this one under “I report, you decide”.

A video is circulating online and I’m just going to show it to you and let you make up your own mind about what we’re seeing.

I’ll say this….

I cannot confirm when this was recorded.

I cannot confirm who recorded it or who first uploaded it.

I cannot confirm whether this was staged or captured “organically” out in the open.

I cannot confirm who the man is that appears to look like Biden.

I cannot confirm if this is a Deep Fake, although I think we can rule that out.

Deep Fakes are usually much more clear and easier to see.

I would say this is either 100% real and we just saw one of the Biden Actors/Body Doubles or it’s a big old fake.

I’ll let you decide:

From Chuck Callesto:

What jumped out to me immediately was how spryly he’s moving.

He moves like a 40 year old, not like a decrepit Joe Biden.

This guy was almost dancing in the street and then even walking backwards:

He gets called out as a Body Double and appears to acknowledge and confirm it.

I see zero Secret Service protection.

Have the theories been true all along?

We’ve been reporting on this since 2020….something clearly has not been right.

Does this now confirm it?

And it’s not like Biden is the only person who suddenly has what appears to be an Actor or Body Double

Has anyone seen the REAL Fetterman in months?

He went into that Rehab and as best I can tell he never came out:

Now let’s examine ALL the evidence we’ve seen since 2020….

Or at least a lot of it.

Starting here:

Is Joe Biden…Dead?

The Actor Playing Joe Biden Just Revealed His Mask?

What Is Going On With Joe Biden’s Face?


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