Actor Playing Joe Biden Revealed?


Stick with me on this one….

You know we do our homework around here, so let me explain what I’m looking at here before you judge.

So I saw this TikTok video floating around and I admit it sometimes I’m a sucker for this stuff so I went ahead and watched to see what this guy was saying.

Watch for yourself and then allow me to explain more below:

So basically he says there is an actor playing Joe Biden and his IMDB page even lists that role in his credits.

Ok, so that’s interesting, but if you’ve been with us for a while you know we don’t cover the news based on TikTok videos.

We actually do REAL research around here….

Real Fact-Checks!

So I was interested enough to do a little deeper dive, and that’s where it did get interesting…

I’m still not entirely sure who Alex Collier is, but apparently he is the guy who named “Arthur Roberts” as the man playing Joe Biden in a face mask:

Ok, but again we don’t cover the news based on TikToks or Tweets….I need to see actual research.

But again, I was intrigued.

Then I found the link to the IMDB page that supposedly lists the role of “Joe Biden” in this actor’s credits:

That link is:

And if you go to that link you get this:

In other words, the page never existed or has been taken down:

Now, here’s where it got very interesting for me!

You see, there’s a really cool tool out there called the Wayback Machine.

It’s basically a big giant history of the entire Internet!

That’s why I always say the Internet is written in ink, because it is.

And using that tool, I was able to find an archived version of that website ( which shows this page:

So it actually DID exist!

There it is right there:  Arthur Roberts playing the role of “Joe Biden” in “Joe Biden Sworn in as US President on Inauguration Day 2021”.


So we know (1) the page DID exist, and (2) it has since been deleted.

I also find it interesting that the “movie” appears to have 14 reviews too, which means this had been up for a while — enough time for 14 people to give it a review.

So, what’s the result of this Fact Check?

Well, I’d say Fact-Check CONFIRMED, with one caveat….

I do believe IMDB is editable, similar maybe to Wikipedia.

So the page existed, that is a proven fact, but it remains unclear who put it up in the first place and whether or not they were authorized to do so.

Either way, it’s fascinating!

Here’s more:

Speaking of “actors” playing Joe Biden, this happened a few weeks ago and seems VERY relevant right now:

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