James Woods Makes Scary Prediction Ahead Of Election: “I Predict The Left Will Do Everything In Its Power To Cripple Twitter, They Will Try Anything To Silence Free Speech On America’s Forum”


Hollywood legend James Woods issued an ominous prediction ahead of the critical 2024 presidential election. Woods remarked on the dumbest man in Congress, Georgia Rep Hank Johnson’s astounding comments about slavery and immigrants.

James said about the Congressman who thought the island of Guam could tip over if too many people were on it: “And there you have it. From the mouths of idiots even a nugget of truth will dribble out from time to time.

“(FYI this is the leftist genius who was afraid Guam was going to “capsize.” Look it up on YouTube)” Next James issued his scary prediction:

“A year and a half before the election and I predict the left will do everything in its power to cripple Twitter, legally or otherwise.

“They will try legislation, executive order, deplatforming, internet malfunction, lawsuits, ANYTHING to silence free speech on America’s Forum.

“Elon Musk has a business sense unmatched in the modern era.

“He has rebirthed liberal swamp Twitter as the planet’s free speech town hall.

“Getting Tucker Carlson may be the turning point.

“It’s possible all the corporate media and their parade of liberal fluffers are finally dead.”


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